CD Projekt RED is looking into 'Geralt's lag'

DSOGaming writes: "One of the worst ‘features’ of The Witcher 2, is a particularly strange lag that we’ve experienced. Geralt most of the times wouldn’t execute immediately the command we issued and as a result of that, we had to press the magic button three or four times till our character decided it was about time to do as he was ordered. Sometimes we couldn’t even block due to this particular issue. This is a bug that can be easily spotted and as we thought, it’s due to Geralt’s movement animations."

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bumnut2653d ago

Any news on the 1.3 patch? I want to play it in 3d but it chugs really badly when im inside, outside is fine though which is strange.

thor2653d ago

Yeah in 2D I get a really nice framerate, in 3D it slows it down by at least a factor of 4. Which is a shame because it looks really nice.

bumnut2653d ago

I only get the slowdown inside, inside the inn, the prison section, etc.

Outside in wide open areas like flotsam or the forrest it is smooth, you would think it would be the opposite way around.

outwar60102653d ago

does this game support the wired 360 controller natively? i hate using keyboard and mouse

norman292653d ago

I just did a quick google and looks like it does but not sure if it has forcefeedback

outwar60102653d ago

nice looks like i'll pick this up or maybe witcher 1 and then 2

Ranshak2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

played the game with a wired 360 controller. My brother played it with a DS3 controller though wirelessly :P

PC is like a super PS3, 360 hybrid except running in full HD 60fps and even beyond lol.

StayStatic2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

Cool ,sounds good.

Apollyn2653d ago

FINALLY killed the 2nd boss on hard mode ! Bare in mind this is my first play through and I suck... but I only get an hour a week to play lol

God I love this!