Learn how they created the race day vibe in a new NFS: ProStreet video

Need for Speed: ProStreet will hit the stores this month. Today EA released a new video about the race day vibe they tried to create in the game. Check the video on Dutch gaming website XGN.

Hit the link to see the video.

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PS3 Limps on and on4052d ago

I don't like racing games. This one had pretty decent art making it stand out with a dose of reality. But the car also felt kinda like it's shaking too much and the camera moves a little to add that affect. I think they did that on purpose so maybe it's good or not.

But either way I don't like racing games.

solar4052d ago

it felt really generic to me.

what really pissed me off is in the demo, the little movie in the beginning, they have an Rx7 popping a wheelie off the starting line in a drag race o.O maybe with an ls1 conversion, but not with the 1.3L stock turboed rotary will that car EVER do that. hell even the 20B built to the nuts couldnt even get the front suspension to raise an inch off the line. (exaggeration of course, but car guys will know what i mean :D )

DiRT on the other hand was very fun. rally....its coming america...i almost got hit by a neon going 80mph at an SCCA event. before some kid got killed....2003 iirc.... ::thumbs up:: to rally racing

HustlinSince824051d ago

The smoke looks awesome. Shame theres no demo for the ps3 in the UK

hotrider124051d ago

is the graphics is clear, demo sucks Im not really a hater for nfp but the last couple games just plainly sucks MW, carbon, undergrnd 2,
EA need to go back to basic and make hot pursuit 3 and high stakes 2
why play a racing game and feel like your driving on the moon (bumpy road) and car shaking.