Naughty Dog explains the lack of dedicated servers in Uncharted 3

Naughty Dog explains why they decided not to include dedicated servers for their upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive title, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception.

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firemassacre2745d ago

this game is amazing, i love the yemen map, its wonderful, has not lagged once for me.

MidnytRain2745d ago

That map is a sniper haven, which disgruntled me at first. Now I have learned to lob grenades into the towers to take them out almost every time.

omi25p2745d ago

I got a triple kill when throwing a grenade into one of those towers while i was going down a zip line. I wanted to record it but sadly because i joined the game half way through it didnt appear in my cinema

AntoineDcoolette2745d ago

The lack of dedicated servers on Uncharted 3 is a severe disservice to hundreds of thousands if not millions of potential consumers. I don't have FIOS or T3 or some bs like that. I have the cheapest DSL that Verizon offers. I would get lag on Uncharted 2 that made my character freeze still from anywhere between 2 to 60 seconds and it was a pain in the ass. I have the same issue with the Uncharted 3 beta. Any game that relies on P2P servers I get lag on but whenever a game uses dedicated servers I have 0 noticeable delay. So I'd implore Naughty Dog / Sony to get dedicated servers for their system's flagship game series.

But I'm sure I'm going to get a load of disagrees and smart ass replies like "lol get a better connection" : /

Saint-Revlot2744d ago

Omi. Whats your PSN. Yeah, I hate that you can't see a cinema when you late join a game. They need to fix that.

MaxXAttaxX2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

'"We're not going to have dedicated servers, made that decision long time ago + we built the current player host-client architecture. Decision for that server architecture was to be better able to support our fans long-term if we can/want. The cost delta between dedicated & non-dedicated is huge long term. Eventually someone will say it costs too great + shut them down. My personal hope is that by keeping costs down + strong enough community, we could be in a position to consider 4+ yrs of uptime."'

- Hmmm ok.
Problem UC2 veterans? Cause I don't.

The difference with Gears 3 is that Gears really NEEDED it. UC2 online never had issues as big as Gears 2.

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powerofcell2745d ago

This will be an amazing game. I will be so busy playing the single player component.

Dedicated servers are not needed most of us dont play online.

DJMarty2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

@powerofcell - The game is amazing, true. But to say most of us don't play online is simply Bullshit. You can't speak for everyone on PSN or with a PS3, so kindly don't sprout crap.

DeadlyFire2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

Dedicated is always better. Having dedicated cost so much and limited by Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo for a game console is absurd. 4 years uptime due to no dedicated servers? Crazy.

Old PC games from 2000 still have dedicated servers. Its been years. Cost is nonexistent on that platform though as consumers own/rent their own servers.

If a console developer came up with a dedicated server rental program for any game on their platform. hmm.... $40-50 bucks a month or so for one server. $80 for two. I know sounds expensive, but its an average price range I suspect. PC players love dedicated servers. Certainly a plus if one day a console had access to them in the same form.

khan_saab2745d ago

how can you say most of us don't play online when the have a staggering 1.5 million people playing the beta

Fishy Fingers2745d ago

So basically it seems they dont expect their MP to warrant (last long enough in numbers for) the cost of dedicated servers.

Oldsnake0072745d ago

to be fair uncharted 3 is primarily a SP game.

Nobody buys this game only for MP .

they will buy it for Sp and try out the Mp.

Quagmire2745d ago

Agreed, heck, even if tomorrow they announced they will be ripping out MP, sales will primarily still be the same.

Im buying it for the SP, might try out the MP, but its not an important factor like other games *cough* COD

omi25p2745d ago

Its a massive budget ps3 exclusive. If a game as like frontline fuels of war has dedicated servers and it was released years ago so should a big budget exclusive.

But to be fair i havent had any trouble with lag while playing the uncharted 3 beta

jwk942742d ago

I buy it for both the MP and SP, its my go to MP game. Infamous 2, for now, if my go to SP game.

KonaBro2745d ago

Naughty Dogs understands that UC3 MP won't do MW3 numbers but do not be surprised if UC3 runs away with a hell of a lot of Best Multiplayer awards at the end of the year. Have you seen how much support ND gave UC2 almost 2 years after it's been out? Seriously stop trolling because nothing you said has any validity.

Fishy Fingers2745d ago

Trolling? Summarising their quote is trolling now? Did you even read the article? LOL... Kids.

MidnytRain2745d ago

If it does well enough, then they will consider dedicated servers for a future Uncharted.

ViserysTargaryen2745d ago

Pretty much. They're basically saying they won't be able to support the game 3-4 years from now with dedicated servers so it's better to not support it all. Pretty lame really.

DarkTower8052745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

No its not lame. ND and Sony don't just bankroll the money they make. It goes towards paying their employees, production costs, marketing, new and better equipment, and future projects.

If a giant like EA shuts down servers after a year or two after a games release, that has to tell you how expensive dedicated servers are.

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TBM2745d ago

From what I've played so far I've not had any lag or major issues. Im generally a single player gamer, but I will give U3 a decent go at the multiplayer because im enjoying what I've played in the beta so far.

So if ND is looking at this as a cost effective thing I've no problem with their decision it is theirs not ours.

StayStatic2745d ago

Should be an optional extra like on PC complete with a server browser, wouldn't be hard to implement , not fair to force p2p on everyone.

Then when no one bothered with dedis anymore you would have p2p to fall back on.

But nooooooo

Tried UC2 online and it always connects me to people 1000s miles away , complete lag fest unless thats do to with no one playing it anymore i dunno. If its gonna lag like that id rather not bother :P.

BeastlyRig2745d ago

well if makes you feel better 99.9% of other games won't have dedi servers on ps3.

powerofcell2745d ago


you get connected to people 1000miles away because most of us dont play online. Welcome to n4g where ps3 gamers socialise:)

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