The Mini-Game Interview - BioShock Hacking

2K Boston designer Dorian Hart and MTV's Stephen Totilo discussed the inspiration for BioShock's hacking, the mixed fan response, what Hart and team would have done differently had they had the time and the new twist that employees of 2K Boston have put on the hacking game when they play it in the office.

An excerpt: "…we knew going in that some people would think it was great and want to do it over and over again - and that some people would enjoy it at first and gradually come to think of it as a chore - and some people would hate it right from the start."

"Having a mini-game just gives the player a different thing to do, a way to break the player out of a rut they may be in, in how they're thinking about what they're playing. It engages a different part of their brain. As long as it's not too onerous or forced upon the player too commonly. They say, 'Variety is the spice of life,' and I think that applies in this case. As long as you don't make it an essential, unavoidable, too-important part of the game, because people are expecting a shooter."

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PS360WII4002d ago

Hacking was my favorite part of the game ^^ it was the best good old Pipe Dreams NES style. Rest of the game was alright but I didn't play to far into it but I still own it so who knows maybe a few months from now I'll actually beat it.