Microsoft Launch MyStats on Xbox LIVE

Microsoft has launched a brand new feature for Xbox LIVE gamers known as ‘MyStats’. MyStats is a new programme that takes on board many popular assets of online gaming communities such as Raptr and Xbox 360 Achievement centric portals, allowing gamers to compare their statistics to friends and competitors.

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Inside_out2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Anybody, if you allow it, can visit your profile and see what games you play by your achievements. You can also click compare games to compare achievements. It shows when you were last on line and what game you were playing...etc...of course there are privacy settings so you can only see what people want you to see.

Honestly...I don't need anymore stat collection and I definitely don't want share more than I have to with so much of a persons privacy under attack these days.

Having said that, as long as the privacy controls are strengthen and not weaken, I don't see any harm in it.

Since my tin foil hat is custom made I won't bore you with my conspiracy theories on why the world through initiatives like this, seem obsessed with collecting as much data as they can on people and for what reason...another topic for a different thread.

@mathman...I understand that. My point is they are using what they do/have now as the motivation, in terms of advertising, for people to sign up. This is no doubt a move into a Facebook like endeavour and as is always the case with M$ ( and Goggle, Apple...etc )their march to world domination...

...imagine, if you will, a world where M$ controls everything from behind the electronic curtain. Software that tracks you every move and of course keeps it private EXCEPT for their partners and related third parties ( like every bank, job, medical practitioners...etc ). Can you imagine going for a job interview one day and the employer, buying into M$ partners program, gets access to your dealings and goings on via M$ substantial data bank of information. Facebook does this RIGHT NOW. It's a private company and it can do whatever it pleases...Russia not to long ago invested MILLIONS into Facebook...I guess they like the pictures....O_o

I warned you, don't get me going on what these guys are up to. My tinfoil hat is of the highest quality.

Gray-Fox-Type02657d ago

additional content added to Xbox live left right and centre, Waiting patiently for Sony to give us a worthy update.

IdleLeeSiuLung2657d ago

I'm sure PSN users will soon get cross game chat, just wait a little longer /s

Adva2657d ago

Do you have free online gaming? do you have free 3D playback update? do you have the web browser? do you have blue-tooth support?

Bots complain about 1 missing feature (Xchat) while ignoring multiple others that easily beat it.

maniacmayhem2657d ago

@ adva

Free online?
As long as i pay full price for a game.

free 3D playback?
Do i need it, nope.

Do i have a web browser?
Sure, on my smartphone and computer. Why the hell would i surf through my 360? To busy playing games or watching netflix.

Do you have bluetooth support?
For what, 360 comes standard with headphones.

You silly brigade and your worthless features.
Anyways the ps3 is integrated with facebook everytime i get a trophy it automatically posts to my page. I would love for sony to have their Own ps3 page though.

mathsman2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )


This is much more comprehensive than just the basic list of what Achievements you have earned and when you earned them... They've been doing that since Xbox 360 launch, this is altogether more detailed.

DirtyLary2657d ago

....and the kdr and achievement whores rejoice!

Wikkid6662657d ago

They have been doing this in the US for many months now.

Interesting facts... and at points scary facts. It breaks down time you play. Let's just say I'm on my Xbox WAY TOO MUCH!

Wikkid6662657d ago

Pheeeew! Glad someone disagreed. I feel better now. Apparently I don't spend too much time on my Xbox.