Guitar Hero 3 rakes in $100M in a week

The Guitar Hero franchise continues to produce for game publisher Activision, accumulating $100 million in North America since its launch on Oct. 28th.


For comparison's sake, Halo 3 pulled in $300 million worldwide in its first week. To be fair, Guitar Hero 3 is only available on North American and will not be released in Europe and Australia until later this month. The game is also available across 4 platforms, while Halo 3 was Xbox 360 exclusive.

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LSDARBY4092d ago

Activision are catching up with EA & Ubisoft. GH3 has made loads, CoD4 is definatley gonna make bomb loads of money. And now they own Bioware & Bizarre. WOW go activision, just please make good games. dont go the EA route.

Sam Fisher4092d ago

EA owns Bioware and Bizzare not activison... and EA bought harmonix aswell thats y gh3 is different than 1 and 2... so harmonix is EA meaning EA owns Rock band not activision cuz since its not out yet activison didnt publish it oo i hope EA dont fuk up mass effect

creeping judas4092d ago

EA owns Bioware
Activision owns Bizzare

LSDARBY4092d ago

My bad, so EA has Bioware. Activision has Bizarre.


Anego Montoya FTMFW4092d ago

so do I.

100 mill.

thats petty cash.

PS3 Limps on and on4092d ago

hahah, I'm a PS3 fan but even I can laugh at that.

Bnet3434092d ago

what is up this guys ass? dumbass already in crazy fanboy mode and nothing has been said, my god you loser. Lightning you suck balls

xboxman4092d ago

Nothing can beat halo 3! Not even Halo 4!

PS3 Limps on and on4092d ago

500 million, only because each one is like $500 a pop.

kornbeaner4092d ago

rock band wont sell as much, people won't want to shell out $200 for the whole bundle. I will but many won't.

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