Expos Bring Out The Best In Cosplayers

Anime Expo 2011 isn't just about anime. It's an excuse to dress up as all kinds of characters, and at this year's event, the video game cosplayers were out in force.

Most of the shots in this week's cosplay roundup were taken at the event, held in Los Angeles at the same venue E3 is held at. Being such a big show, these are some of the best cosplay pics you'll see all year.

From Zelda to Xenosaga, Tekken to Final Fantasy, everything here is of the highest order. Even the Princess Mononoke shot, dominated by furries as it is, should be horrifying, but is instead very impressive.

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Pozzle2744d ago

NGL, that Subzero cosplay is freaking awesome.

The Jade isn't half bad either. :)