Major Nelson on the PS3

For the past few weeks, Major Nelson, the Xbox Live Director of Programming, has been running a special segment on his podcasts regarding Sony's PlayStation 3. So what does one of the most well known figures in the industry think of his employer's main rival?

In regards to this week's podcast, fast forward to the 43rd minute mark in the MP3.

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Meus Renaissance4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

Came on the Insomniac podcast last week to advertise this new segment in his show. He said it was a good thing for the fans to hear about what people in the industry think of each other, etc. But I've been listening to his podcasts for some time now and there is no real PS3 segment. Instead, they have a few minutes where they say "oh I got a PS3 the other day". Interestingly enough, you'd think they'd actually comment on the console and it's games.

Um, no.

Do they speak about the differences? Um, not exactly. Well they always refer to it as a "good Blu Ray player" and that's as far as it goes. Other than that, they usually criticise it, talk about how frustrating it was to install it with Major responding "No way" "What?!" "It was that frustrating? "You wanted to take it back didn't you?". And last week he talked about some multiplatform games, like TimeShift and says its coming out on the 360 and PC. He gets corrected and told it comes on the PS3 too and responds "yeah that too, when..? who knows lool" It's like fuel for fanboys.

And thats what it is. I was shocked by it, I expected that tone from the Xbox forums where you can expect that type of bias towards the 360 but what is the point of holding a segment, advertising that to PlayStation sources, and then only mocking the console and speaking in derogative terms about it?

If I was an Xbox owner only and listened to the Major's podcasts, I'd be laughing at PlayStation 3 owners. In fact, I wouldn't think the console had a decent game worth playing and its just a glorified movie player.

I have sent an email to the Major with the hope he reads that - suggesting that he should keep to his word and actually talk about the console. If he wants to talk about Blu Ray as opposed to the Xbox 360, then he should call it the Blu-Ray segment.

It's an insult to professionalism and Sony to hear this guy weekly bash the console under the blank statement that its "just a discussion of other platforms". Discussion my ass. Why not talk about Sony's price drop and how it could affect the market? Why not talk about their 1st party games? Hey I have an idea, why not actually have a discussion? I don't expect them to praise the damn thing but I do expect to hear some mature adult stuff from those in the industry.

No. All you want to talk about is how great Viva Pinata is and how "good a Blu Ray player" the PS3 is.

IdontTakeSides4004d ago

Great answer Meus...bubbles for that response..!!

Ps3Fanboy7774004d ago

He's nothing more then Bill Gates workhorse for the 360. Feel sorry for this guy.

Wonder if hes married and wonder how his wife views him?

Garbage article/podcast.... NEXT....

Oh and where are the freakin RPG games Microsoft? I jumped in for the 4th time and not much is on this console. Atleast Ninja Gaiden 2 is coming. SPare me the mass effect hype.. That game looks horrible.

ShiftyLookingCow4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

"If I was an Xbox owner only and listened to the Major's podcasts, I'd be laughing at PlayStation 3 owners."
you have to be a total retard of a fanboy to laugh at this anyway even if you owned only a 360 as installation problems like this are not the PS3's fault or even the TV's fault rather its problem with the HDMI handshake mechanism. Dont overgeneralize 360 only owners with fanboys.

btw this podcast was not newsworthy its more flamebait and it was a waste of time, its too late for me to take away my approval

edit: yeah you are right, he did reference it so it is sort of newsworthy. I was just mad I wasted 25 minutes.

ATLRoAcH4004d ago

If I could give you another bubble I would but I already gave it to'm tired of all the hating.Its stupid to hate just to hate.

Meus Renaissance4004d ago

My topic isn't flamebait as its just reporting what the man has said. I haven't put words into his mouth; if you consider this flamebait then it speaks volumes about his segment in the podcast.

My general criticism over him was not based on this weeks podcasts but a collection of them. Unfortunately as they are so long, I can't pinpoint the exact time frames of his derogative comments. It would take hours to produce that on my part.

I said "If I was an Xbox owner only and listened to the Major's podcasts, I'd be laughing at PlayStation 3 owners." That's based on me, not Xbox owners. I sincerely for a moment became frustrated with the PS3 after listening to this. I even forgot I owned one and was very happy with it. Just listening to the frustration and disbelief in their voices, their mocking tones, their giggles - its derogative and its immature considering they are official representatives of Xbox.

I reported it so people would know about this. What here can cause a flamebait? His "PS3 segments" are a waste but it annoys the hell out of me because he the balls to go to PlayStation sources, and say "hey guys listen to my segment on my podcast". So PS3 owners go and listen to it and they're welcomed to that. And this is coming from Major Nelson, not some random member on a forum.

That's relevant to gaming news.

Ri0tSquad4004d ago

When hes not on xbox live, not at work, but all alone at home with his door locked, blinds closed up, lights off, playing ratchet and clank or GT5 demo and just melting over the amazing 1080p 60 fps games the ps3 can do without sounding like an jet engine. Guarantee it.

ruibing4004d ago

Pure propaganda from beginning till the end. It makes me wish more and more than Google will replace MS soon.

IGNFTW4004d ago


FPS nut4004d ago

^^^^^Whiners Club^^^^^

shelbygt334004d ago

He works for Microsoft for heaven's sake. What do you want him to go say: "I love this PS3 - everyone should go buy one."

So I'm just not sure where you get off on sounding all "high and mighty" and so "fair and balanced". It's a company, trying to push a product and catering to its fan base. Nothing new here, just common business practice.

ravinash4003d ago

It means i don't have to waste 25 minutes of my life listening to this dribble. We get enough of that in the comments of this site.
its a shame that someone who calls him self a professional can't view these thing objectively.
Maybe it just shows M$ attitude to the industry these days.

miganda4003d ago

i dont get it, even though i used to be a devote fanboy once too. yes i was that rare kid who owned a turbografx16. everyone talks about their system's of choice like their talking about some other country or if this major dude dose'nt give out proper info on the ps3 that sony is some how doomed.i mean where talking about PS3! who dosent know just about everything there is to know about it? ps3 dosent need some xbox employee to sell it. it sells and speaks for itself. and before anyone says something stupid, yes im an 360 owner. (who could tell)but im not a 360 only head. im a gamer who will have all 3 systems soon because they all have games i want to play.but some of you people act like sony is a plauge and xbox is a bad omen. i mean get real. none of us were born with a system. last i checked i cant claim 360 on my tax return.ive owned all the sony systems from day one and have nothing against them. hell if the makers of wonderbread made a system and it had good games i would get that too. the point im making is that i made the mistake of being too loyal to my fav system once and missed out on all that the other two had to offer.(snes and genesis)my big mistake.since then, i have tried to get my hands on whatever i could so i could just play the best games out there. thats what gamers do. i dont care which system its on. how would it benefit me if say i only supported 1 system? if i dont get a wii and ps3 soon, then there' gonna be alot of top games that i'm missing out on. we gamers should stop acting like the rap industry. thats the only music where artist always hate on each other. you dont see that anywhere else because it F'ing owners should give credit where its due. if it wasnt for sony games wouldnt be as big in the entertainment arena as it is. so microsoft owes them a debt of grattitude. and sony's fans should give props to microsoft for raising the bar this generation. who knows. if sony jumped out the gate and dominated everyone again they might have become complaicent. so what we have here is all the companies are giving their top efforts and us gamers should be reaping the rewards, not back stabing each other and picking sides. why limit ourselv'es. think about it.

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dfcm20034004d ago

Is getting his paycheck each week from MS. How much GOOD do you really think he is going to give the PS3? GET REAL

Kratosnake4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

recap of the PS3 comment:
- but how frustrating was hooking it up?
-really? why?
--I don't know, but SOOOOOOO FRUSTRATING.... SOOOOOO...
-man, oh... man....
--but the blu-ray movies were, um..good.. it was fine.
-but how frustrating was it??!!
-oh how were the games?
--um.. i didn't play any yet, but it sure was FRUSTRATING hooking the system up.
- you know what we haven't talked enough about? how frustrating it was to hook it up.. lets talk more about that before we move on to more xbox stuff.

SmokeyMcBear4004d ago

you know what tells me a lot, the fact that he spent 2 hours trying to get his tv to recognize the ps3, the fact that the tv wasnt set up to the correct input the ps3 was connected to. Either that or the ps3 was already set up on a sd tv. I had that problem, going from a high def hdmi cable to the stardard and not seeing a pic, but you know what i did that took, me 5 minutes to figure out what was going on... read the trouble shooting booklet. easy peasy, these guys shouldnt even be talking about the ps3.

Shadow Man4003d ago

either that or he's an idiot. When i got my hdmi i hooked it up to my tv while keeping the sd cables plugged in changed the settings in 2 min and it was good to go. No i'm not a fanboy i have both 360 and PS3 for the record for any of you haters.

Meus Renaissance4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

I couldn't find the specific time frame for where he referred to Timeshift's PS3 release date in his other podcast. I've listened to a couple podcasts and I tried to pinpoint that remark but each podcast is an hour and a half man. Sorry about that; just take my word for it.

wangdiddy824004d ago

looks like a child molester

BloodySinner4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

If that's the case, one could only wonder how you look like.

marinelife94004d ago

Now that you say it that pic does make him look like a weirdo.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4004d ago

i was just think the same thing.

don`t worry about BLOODYSINNER.

he wants to give MAJOR NELSON some DOME.