Microsoft, This Isn’t Helping Win PC Gamers Over

Kotaku: Perhaps realising it wasn't exactly popular with gamers as a standalone marketplace, Microsoft recently decided to shift Games for Windows over to That move has now taken place,'s gone about as well as you'd expect from Microsoft and PC gaming.

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wallis2655d ago

Watching microsoft do anything competently is like watching my dog solve a rubik's cube.

Still, it's better than apple being a major figure in the games industry.


They'd make microsoft look like Mother Theresa.

blumatt2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

I don't know, man. If Apple were to enter the console market, at least you'd know that all iOS and OS X devices would "talk" to it and you'd be able to share all your iTunes content and Apps on it. Apple's ecosystem of devices all interact with each other better than many other companies' devices do. I think Apple could do well in the console market, as long as they get some hardcore games and not just casual games for it.

ilikegam3s2654d ago

I dunno if I should agree or disagree with your statement. So im just gonna say, that I agree and disagree with some of your opinions.

air12654d ago

Your dog is dumb. Mine did it no problem

-Mezzo-2655d ago

Curse the "PC Gaming" Haters.

aaaaaaaaa2655d ago

Or maybe Microsoft is just getting ready for windows8

fooxy2654d ago

I dont mind PC gaming but when I had to deal with Games for windows live (GFWL) service on pc i rather download a pirated copy, there is 2 much shit 2 install update login then it crashes...

koehler832654d ago

Microsoft SHOULD wash their hands of PC gaming so people will just shut up about it already. They have a gaming platform. It is Xbox. Move on.

The PC already has the best platform in Steam. If that is not good enough for you, then apparently nothing in existence is.

Takoulya2654d ago

That's the reason I hate EA for making Origin. There was already a centralized system in place, but they decide to completely change that and separate communities. The same thing happened with MGO when Konami didn't want to use PSN, and that led to terrible download times, along with having to re-add all of my friends on it.

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