Milla Jovovich: Resident Evil Causes Nightmares, Fanboys Are Scary

"I have a lot of zombie nightmares," Milla Jovovich tells the Mail On Sunday. "Resident Evil has permeated my consciousness. I don't even like scary movies, but I've lived for ten years inside this world of horror images."

The only thing worse than being pursued by zombies however? Being pursued by fans who can't differentiate between her and the character.

"The fanboys have a big crush on me," she says. "The Resident Evil films I'm in originate from a computer game, and I'm aware that some people out there have feelings for me, but I'm careful about my life and my space. I don't accept personal mail from anyone any more, for example. You can't please everyone."

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Main_Street_Saint2678d ago

Never understood how people can mistake the movies for real life; the actors and the characters they portray are not real! Sometimes people need a dose of reality.

FlashXIII2678d ago

This a joke? Only the first movie was really a horror film. The others were just craptastic action films that took a steaming dump all over the computer game IP. Just look at the last movie's final battle.. it was like they made retarded kids watch the Matrix over and over again and then told to reenact the scene to the best of their abilities.

ScubaSteve12676d ago

you suck has alice enough said. your movies suck