Codemasters: We'd "love" to revisit TOCA

GamerZines writes:

At a recent press event for F1 2011, chief game designer Steve Hood has revealed he'd "love" to make a new game in the TOCA series, the last of which was based around the British Touring Car Championship.

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FlyShootRaceSims2659d ago

Oh man, yes please! The TOCA series is my quintessential racing favorite on consoles ever. Massive amount of real world tracks, plethora of racing disciplines, full structural/mechanical damage on every car, cockpit view, frequent random mistakes by the A.I., and an integrated story. Make it happen already Codemasters! Oh, and stay away from GRID's arcadey mechanics.

bumnut2659d ago

TOCA was amazing, but I think they would keep the crappy Grid/Dirt handling to appeal to more people.

FlyShootRaceSims2659d ago

God I hope not. How Codies, with their massive experience in racing games came out with GRID's cars that turn on their center axis is beyond me. What where they thinking? I do like the dynamic feeling of being inside the Grid racers though. That would be a welcome addition to a new TOCA.

Jdoki2659d ago

I love Grid, but TOCA 2 is just about my fave driving game of all time.

No other game has captured the feeling of being absolutely on the limit of grip while racing.

bumnut2659d ago

The first F1 game for PS2 also had an amazing feeling of grip, not sure what it was called though.

FlyShootRaceSims2659d ago

I share your sentiment. While I like the contemporary race games, I still hold the TOCA series in a higher regard.

Taz Yamauchi2659d ago

TOCA 3 is in one of my greatest games of all time, if they anounce TOCA 4 i'll probably dump GT5, well untill GT6 ofcoz, Come on do it Codies

laz19732659d ago

What about doing World Touring Car Championships (WTCC) I've still got toca for PS1 lol and it was one of the best games I'd played apart from Colin McRae 2.0 which I have still got also .

Reborn2659d ago

TOCA was brilliant.

Played that non-stop. Would be nice to see it comeback.

Lylat_642659d ago

Ah the fun it was to drive around in tank in TOCA Touring Car Championship :D

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