Battlefield 3 Treads Modern Warfare 3's Territory: A Redirect Into Battle? (

In's latest editorial, the battle between Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 is discussed, including a website redirect that could very well lead down an interesting -- yet somewhat tricky -- road. Who wins?

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ddkshah2657d ago

Who wins idk... GAMERS!!! 2 extremely fun (that's what gaming is about right fun?... Just asking) franchises releasing close to eachother only means more fun for gamers. I hope battlefield 3 can bring a big fight and sorta win so my friends would also buy this game so I have more ppl to play with :) I am done with the fanboy crap and hope most of n4g can join me ;)

Solo2272657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

tired of the comparisons...

They should bump up the release dates and compare those... smh

Laypoof2657d ago

Comparing the two is straight up an insult to Battlefield!

topekomsi2657d ago

Just have dice/ea and iw/3arc/acti get into bed, and make the most beautiful, well played, destructible, non-buggy/non-glitchy, gaming masterpiece the world has ever seen.

That'd shut'em up!


consolez_FTW2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

NO! don't have dice/ea's beautiful body be tainted by the transgender that is iw/3arc/acti. You can obviously tell the difference between BF3 and COD...

topekomsi2656d ago

LMFAO, gotdang that is one ugly B*tch, coyote ugly!

AstroZombie12657d ago

People with a sense of humour?

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