GamesEyeView: inFamous 2 Review

GEV says: What would you do if you had electricity shooting from your fingertips, could levitate cars and throw them hundreds of feet in the air, and jump off a six story building only to land and dust yourself off? Would you use your powers for good? Would you stop random street crime, help the police, and heal injured citizens? (Did we mention you can do that? That’s one of your powers too.) Or would you use your powers for evil? Would you terrorize people on the street, blow up explosives, or kill those annoying bucket drummers, and other dumb street performing hippies? (We all hate those guys, right?) InFamous 2 is the sequel to Sucker Punch’s hit 2009 game, and just like the original, InFamous 2 lets the players answer those questions for themselves.

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