EA is Not Using Cheap Tactics - is a Hoax

Net Media Now - "Gamers, all over the world, have been laghing, tweeting, and whatnot about the domain name,, but as funny as the whole thing sounds, it is a hoax."

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Supman4104d ago

this does not come as a suprise.
some fan boy must have done this.

Criminal4104d ago

Photoshoped like a boss, lol.

Torunkz4104d ago

Activision is the one using cheap tactics calling out BF3 for 30fps and making ppl complain about it when games like Halo, BC2 and others have been using it all this time and nobody complained then...

Heartnet4104d ago

Hardly a cheap tactic as its true Lol :)

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HK64104d ago



Quagmire4104d ago

Journalism at its finest.

This is why no one treats the industry with respect

Criminal4104d ago

Check the article, the typo was fixed hours ago.
Thanks HK6 for pointing it out.

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