Dualshock Nexus: Borderlands Platinum Review

Dualshock Nexus: "After having the chance to try the Borderlands hour long trial for Playstation+, I decided to give the game a try by buying it. Since then PlayStation announced that a Borderlands bundle will be out on July 19th. Now that I've gotten the Platinum trophy for the game, I can say I highly regret not buying it sooner."

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BiggCMan2658d ago

It's a bit short for a typical review, regardless I agree with every word. It's a fantastic game that I also started playing much later than everyone else, and it just never gets boring. When you add the DLC, it's infinitely replayable, especially when trying to find the highly rare Pearlescent weapons, which I have only found 2 of :/ Easily one of my favorite games of this generation. People often say shooters are getting stale, and while that is true for the typical shooter, mainly military focused ones. It's not true for the entire genre of First Person games, and Borderlands is huge proof of that. Really looking forward to RAGE as well, and hopefully Borderlands 2.

WillGuitarGuy2658d ago

Well said Bigg. If Borderlands 2 does come out, you can be sure I'll be there to preorder it day one.

Pintheshadows2658d ago

I love the way you can start again from lvl 50 lets say and all the skags etc have levelled with you. It looks great as well.

My only complaint is with the lack of life in the towns and the fact the dialogue is provided in a rather dull box with little spoken.

Terrific game though and one of the surprises of this gen.

moegooner882658d ago

jst got the plat 5 mins ago, definitely one of my fav games this gen

jagstatboy2657d ago

Also one of my all-time favs. Will be playing it for years to come.