Does Sony Still Have It?

KHooLz writes: "Such a question should be deemed unfair when looking at how many times they have proven various industries wrong. Sony has always been a brand that consumers could count on to deliver the cutting edge in hardware and software."

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M-Easy4158d ago (Edited 4158d ago )

"That depends on what your definition of "it" is." Can't speak to hundreds of other products in Sony's arsenal but the PlayStation brand is IT.

tehReaper4158d ago

It's a new site I'm working on.

This is my first article. I wanted to cover the impact of Sony's history and how it always manages to edge forward.

VINNIEPAZ4158d ago

"This is my first article. I wanted to cover the impact of Sony's history and how it always manages to edge forward."

Wow, did you ever come to the right site with this

MaxXAttaxX4158d ago

I thought that too lol.

A respectable response.

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showtimefolks4158d ago

and gaming wise they have it more than any other console maker and more than any other publisher.

Today i was reading gameinformer issue from last month and i saw a review for zelda for on 3ds which came out 10 years ago and has been on many different nintendo consoles.

and i thought how come nintendo keep making the same games for every console while introducing very few new Ips while both sony and MS take their fair share of hit in new IP department.

people complain about another halo or another gow how about complaining about another mario,zelda etc,,,,

I am not hating on nintendo but i think they get the easy pass while the other 2 go though much more crap to get on the other side

but sony since early 2006 has really stepped up with ps3 i think they though they were the kings because of ps1-ps2 success but soon understood that business has changed and there is a lot more competition

and they are not slowing down if anyone thinks they haven't learned from their mistake with ps3 look at PS vita and its price point and games its supporting.

no matter what you are launching PRICE IS A HUGE FACTOR.

unless you are APPLE than you can keep ripping off people by selling your new products every 10 months knowing there are between 7-10 million apple fanboys or geeks who will buy anything apple

mcstorm4158d ago

I have to agree with you on this on. I think Sony made a massive mistake when the ps3 came out with the price and the way they handled it all. To me so thought well we beat Nintendo at there own game for the last two gens and the Xbox name is not big enough to take us on. I'm glad this happened as it has shown Sony and the rest of the games industry that customer is king and it is them who decide on what they want from there game console and just because you have been top for 10 years dose not mean it will be the same for the next 10. Even though this gen has lost alot of developers I think this gen has been one of the best because its been a open market and all 3 companys have pushed each other and we have seen the best from them all with each having there own ideas on where they see the industry going. I also think next gen will be another tight race between all 3.

M-Easy4158d ago

Lol yeah, a fellow political junkie i see.

Jocosta4158d ago

What is with the crap titles this week?

consolez_FTW4158d ago (Edited 4158d ago )

Seriously, all these unknown websites posting Crap articles on N4G. Perfect example is the the article on the main page, "Is Mortal Kombat Racist". We need some real news,not just rumors and crap. BTW I'm not saying this particular article is bad, this is actually good and well written.

tehReaper4158d ago

New sites have to start somewhere. I'm sorry if you didn't like the article.

BeAGamer4158d ago


quit ye bitchin'

Boody-Bandit4158d ago (Edited 4158d ago )

Short answer: HELL YES!

consolez_FTW4158d ago

@ tehReaper
no man..I'm saying that I liked this article, but not articles like Mortal Kombat is Racist. I said yours was good. sorry if I offended you.

tehReaper4158d ago

It's fine. No worries, man.

cooperdnizzle4158d ago

Good read.. And i agree with everything said. I mean it is facts. Sony never lost it. They have the best console on the market know doubt about that. Anybody that doesn't think so is truly blind. And the hole time doing it, everybody doubted them. And they still prove the industry wrong. I think the media here in the U.S is actually starting to give them credit, and realizing that they have more to offer than any other gaming company. Just look at game trailers. They always talked shit about sony. This year they only say good things. Except Micheal Pachter. But he is stupid anyway.

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