YourEMGN: Gears of War 3 Preview

Gears of War 3 will be Xbox 360′s biggest exclusive this year and judging by the beta, it is not to disappoint. Gears 3 which is due to be released on 20th September in the UK, looks to be a big step up from Gears 2. The gameplay feels a lot smoother and with the new additions, the game almost felt complete. This is only the beta stage and touch ups and other improvements are still to be made, but just from the beta you could feel that come September, it would be a top quality game.

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X_iGame_X2709d ago

Gears 3 will compete for GOTY :D From the leaked vids I've seen, it's bloody amazing.

pumal2709d ago

GOTY? Nope nope. Might be on a few lists but I doubt Gears 3 will win it.

qwertyz2709d ago

yeah there also is elder scrools v: skyrim, battlefield 3, RAGE, uncharted 3, modern warfare 3, assassins creed revelations, dark souls , portal 2, LA Noire, killzone 2 and crysis 2 contending for that spot. mu money is on skyrim, battlefield 3, LA Noire or portal 2. don't really think uncharted will win this time there are far more formidable contenders than they where in 2009

Chewy332709d ago

How? Gears and Skyrim are the only ones offering a 3 year plus development time. Gears is offering dedicated servers along with a consistently upgraded engine. It could very easily be the most refined and polished game of the year.

Madusha2709d ago

Maybe not GOTY overall but likely to be the best for Xbox 360 this year.