Saints Row: The Third Platinum Pack Announced

RipTen: Just a few hours ago THQ announced the Professor Genki’s Hyper Ordinary Pre-Order pack for Saints Row The Third. That’s not all they had in store for Saints Row fans. Say hello to the Saints Row The Third Platinum Pack!

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xPhearR3dx2746d ago

Can't freaking wait for this damn game. Sucks that headset isn't compatible with 360 and PSN though. Kind of lame.

Madusha2746d ago

Sweet. Can't wait for this. Just love the Saints row style.

VINNIEPAZ2746d ago

Love the SR series, cant wait to play co-op with the old lady. She still plays SR2 to this day.

rabidpancakeburglar2746d ago

Soundtrack and headphones? Could be worth it, from what I've seen this could be in the top 5 most fun games of the year.

ape0072746d ago

can't wait, I want this game soooo baaad

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