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NowGamer - Finally, an excuse to re-play Metal Gear Solid 2 without having our minds stunk up with the thought we should be playing a new release. We can finally judge Raiden as a main character with the benefit of hindsight, rather than the disadvantage of being surprised by him suddenly taking over from Solid Snake a couple of hours into the game (SPOILER).

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Laypoof2745d ago

The article said that MGS2 had the worst story the franchise has ever seen? Are they serious? MGS2 took the story to a whole new level. Just because it was too complex doesn't mean it's bad

ThePUNisher2745d ago

I also think it's a bit smug of them to say that they were "one of the few websites out there that had the balls to give Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty the score it deserved". It's like when someone says reviewers are all payed off if they give a game they don't like high scores.

Greyfoxdbz2745d ago

If the MGS3 game is the Subsistence version (Fuck Yeah). does it mean we get the retro Metal Gear games too? not that I care about those but I'm curious.

El_Colombiano2745d ago

No because that was on the second disk, which isn't included. Sadly.

Ocelot5252745d ago

Those games are 2 like 1 MB each in size

How difficult can it be to include them on the blu ray :p

El_Colombiano2745d ago

Knowing Konami, they wouldn't bother. I'm sure Kojima would love to have them.

-DarkPhoenix-2745d ago

My god these people are idiots.
As a huge MG fan, I was pretty excited to read this then it turns out whoever wrote that crap clearly should not have been let near the games.

"it means we’ll actually bother to play through Sons Of Liberty at least one more time. Maybe then we’ll understand it. Or not."

"no-one likes you, Raiden!"

"the story was the worst a Metal Gear story has ever been"

I mean, that wasn't even a preview. All it did was tell us what games they are, with a little baby crying about not being able to listen to MGS2s story and Baw Radien.

If someone's going to write an article on the game, at least pick someone unbias or someone who can understand what the hell they're playing. God.

MGS2 was one of the best in the series, I agree that 3 was THE best but still, MGS2 had some of the best storytelling in any game ever made. Don't understand it? Play it again and listen. Don't waste everyone's time typing up an article about how your brain just couldn't take it and labelling it as a preview.

Just a rant, but annoying poeple who just feel the need to btich about Raiden and the storyline shouldn't be allowed to write these articles.

El_Colombiano2745d ago

In for 3 being the absolute best, also; 2 had a HELL of a deep story line.

galgor2745d ago

Completely agree. I was hoping they'd actually played the games & instead was greeted with the idiotic ramblings of a moron.

Alas we must await for some real information, I'd love it though if they remade some of the E3 trailers from yesteryear.

frameflip2745d ago

Anyone else find it funny that the spoiler alert came after the fact? :p

Greyfoxdbz2745d ago

I think the writer was trying to be sarcastic? because the game is so old and popular, just about everyone interested would know about it.

jessupj2745d ago

Number 3 was def the best. Everything was put together so well. And the storyline was just amazing, better then most movies.

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