Rock Band Goes Gold

Rock Band has gone gold. That means the game is set for mass production and on target for a November 20th release for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, with a PS2 release set for December 18, 2007.

"Rock Band is a true symbol of Harmonix's vision, dedication and passion for music and after two years of development, we are thrilled that Rock Band is finally ready to get in the hands of rock fans everywhere," said Alex Rigopolous, CEO of Harmonix. "We have a small army filling our warehouses with final product, ready for our November 20th ship date so players can fulfill their rock and roll aspirations. Now, our focus is putting together an amazing selection of downloadable music content for players so players can continue to further customize their Rock Band experience post launch."

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rich13er3998d ago

I think I'll have to call Gamestop to make sure I have a truly reversed copy. I paid for it in full about a month ago and I hear romurs flying about shortages...

americanGTA3998d ago

theres like 100 guitar hero's at best buy

benny o klaatt3998d ago

but what about us in the UK and europe for that matter?

no release date (sometime in Q1 2008)

no price yet

typical that EA get involved and we get shafted