3G: Account Imbalance (Modojo)

Chris Buffa (Modojo): It seems that with each passing month, a company reveals a product with 3G support.

On that note, odds are good that you already own a 3G enabled device or plan to buy one in the future, be it an iPhone, iPad or Sony's upcoming PlayStation Vita.

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Just_The_Truth2655d ago

i read somewhere that ATT was going to have group plans but could have just been a rumor. Either way i don't think many will care for the 3g version, the included gps is great but for me i'm mostly at home so wifi's perfect.

MaxXAttaxX2655d ago

The thing about 3G is that it's always on.

If you already have wireless internet at home via a router or have WiFi hotspots around, the WiFi version is all you'll need.

Close_Second2655d ago

Wifi is not really portable as its not avail in anywhere as many locations. 3g is whats needed for a more complete portable experience.

Look at ither devices that offer separate 3g and wifi models, the wifi only models sit in the stores gathering dust.

MaxXAttaxX2655d ago

Well, with 3G you can go anywhere. With WiFi you have to stay in one area.

Other devices that offer 3G and WiFi models aren't gaming devices. PSP, DS or any other gaming handheld do not suffer from sitting in store "gathering dust" because 3G is not their main function. It's secondary. And people buy these for the games.

I think a lot more people are interested on the WiFi only model and not just here on N4G.

MorbidPorpoise2654d ago

WiFi is good enough for me, got plenty of mobile devices that are 3G. Also there's plenty of hotspots popping up everywhere.

Parapraxis2655d ago

Another article bashing PS Vita from
Could you guys please piss off already?

MasterCornholio2655d ago

I just hope in spain i dont need a contract for the 3G version. Because i really want GPS on the go.