Mobile Gaming Will Never Defeat Console Gaming "There's nothing better than opening up a newspaper these days to find some tech-analyst or financial adviser spouting out information regarding industry trends, as if playing Angry Birds once or twice provides them with enough insight to tell where all of these developers are going. It's astonishing in a way, because they always jump from one massive trend to another without any regard to how our beloved pastime seems to work. A few short years ago it was all about how Halo and Call of Duty were the only profitable games ever, and that investing in any kind of startup company outside of a AAA studio was a waste of time. Today it's all about mobile gaming, and how its selling power will leave anything that isn't on an iPhone, Android, or tablet smoldering in its wake."

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fozzness2708d ago

Damn the man! Save the Empire!! Consoles ftw!

mephman2708d ago

I don't think it will be mobile gaming that causes the demise of console gaming, but I can see mobile gaming outlasting it.

Hardedge2708d ago

I can see mobile being more profitable, but how many of those amazing apps are there? I only know Angry Birds and Little Wings are the most popular...That's two games.

ShawnCollier2708d ago

Outside of big hits like Angry Birds I really don't see many killer apps for it.