3 Things NBA 2K12 Must Do to Remain Relevant During the NBA Lockout

With the NBA lockout threatening to shut down basketball how can NBA 2K12 continue to be the dominate basketball sim if there isn't an NBA season.

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YourFlyness2654d ago

Just like Im still playing NBA2K11, in the off season

shayol33t2654d ago

3 pages for 3 points? get fucked

Master_S2654d ago

I love NBA 2K11,the best basket game.

GoldPS32654d ago

I'm so sick of lockouts. Why do we even need them?

iceman062654d ago

We DON'T!!! However, there is a delicate balance between players and owners (on the business side) that must be reached. Unfortunately, in the end, sports and entertainment are STILL businesses and those matters have to be addressed FAIRLY in order for business to continue. It sucks for us (especially saying as though they are arguing about money that we will NEVER see in our lifetimes).

Enigma_20992654d ago

Question... when there's a lockout, the athletes don't get to sit at home and collect a check, do they? I mean they already get paid too much as it is...

TimDunn3252654d ago

No, the athletes only get paid if they play. Once the owners locked out the players they stopped getting any of their NBA pay or benefits.

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