PS3 for $399 to Drive 'Significant Traffic' for GameStop

Leading retailer GameStop continues to benefit from the booming game industry and Michael Pachter thinks the new $399 PS3 will help drive even more foot traffic.

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PStriple7034052d ago

The gamestop bye my home, are sold out!

jiggyjay4052d ago

Why would people buy the 40gb instead of the 80gb?

Mikey_Gee4052d ago

It is more money that not everyone wants to spend. The 80GB BC is not even 100%. If I had to choose between the 80 or the 60 ... I would get the 60.

I want the 40GB model since I could care less about BC and all I need is two USB ports. Most times it is only me playing, and when I have more, it is normally just me and one bud.

Plus, I will just chuck in my 160GB Sata drive.

BUT ... I am also hoping to see the 60GB model take a price cut from local shops to move them. I would be all over that.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4052d ago

Didn't Pachter say that it wouldn't do well? Funny how people love to change their opinions when its too late.

BrianC62344052d ago

Maybe the $399 PS3 will drive more traffic to Gamestop but for me it's all the new games for the PS3 that will. There haven't been many to buy this year. Now there are plenty.

SmokeyMcBear4052d ago

yeah i was surprised actually when going to the local gamestop to trade in rainbow 6 and put some money down on uncharted. They took down the posters front advertising the 360, and put up a poster for the 399 ps3, as well as a ratchet and clank one, it just didnt seem right up there.

Kururo4052d ago

gamestop needs to do more advertising for the ps3. especially now that they stopped giving product replacement plans for the 360.

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The story is too old to be commented.