Will The Online Pass Kill the Single Player Experience writes "When you consider the concept of an online pass and that obviously the online pass is only really effective when it comes to games with an online side to them. The same Online pass then does nothing to help combat the sales of single player games on the second hand market. With its introduction could start to see a massive drift in gaming to online multiplayer games at the expense of the solo player experience. A shift that is perhaps already well under way"

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JoGam2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

No it won't. For people who rent or buy used games just to play offline will continue to do so. The people who wants to play online will have to buy new or get the PSN pass. Because this Online pass is new maybe companies such as gamefly will incorporate a rented online pass. For example...Currently when you rent a movie on the PSN store, it will give an expiration date of two weeks unwatched, or 24 hours if you started watching the movie. Immagine if companies like Gamefly was to work out a deal where they could provide rented online keys for the duration of the time you rented a game. Gamefly could pay developers royalties for their games rented. Everyone could profit. Just an idea.

@ Bubs78....I anwsered the question asked. The Title! Was just an opinion.

BoneIdle2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

Did you read the article at all? The whole article is about the decline of the solo campaign and the online pass being extra incentive for developers to scrap it altogether.

People with no internet who rent, do so because the solo campaign can be cleared in a night or two and they don't want to shell out on a game that's only 5 hours long.

edit @Jogam, But the online pass only works for online games, developers who make single player offline games are still vulnerable to loosing money on the second hand market. Will this push them to making online games to take advantage of the Pass at a cost to the single player experience.

As the article out lines this decline is already taking hold.

Gray-Fox-Type02656d ago

next thing you know , Pass for single players too that lets you play only the first few levels...

nickle and dim techniques..Sony just as bad as EA dont get deluded if we dont make a stand. Expect more of these techniques to get the most money out of us.

We already play in some cases double the price of the original game with DLCs and what not, and certain people* play double just to play online...

slate912656d ago

Read the article, not the title please. Atleast read the preview statement, geeze.

Cajun Chicken2656d ago

No. It won't, this is purely so that secondhand buyers have to pay again to use the multiplayer. I'm a secondhand gamer most of the time myself and I actually approve of this and Project 10 Doller, etc.
This is in fact a very good way to get a second sale from a game with multiplayer features and directly to the publishers. Besides, this won't affect second hand gamers one iota, just as my newly acquired copy of Dead Space 2. I played the game and I can play Extraction, I can choose to buy an online access code if I want. I don't have to.

As for renting. I also see no issue. I have never rented a game specifically for online multiplayer.

DlocDaBudSmoka2656d ago

im with you 100%. i only buy the games with online that i really want.

BoneIdle2656d ago

But you miss the point of the article. The pass is a great way to get money for used games but it only works with online games the developers still make 0 from a second had single player game. So they will put more effort into making online games rather than single player games

gamerz2656d ago

Just the opposite actually. Since games with Online Passes are worth less in trade, gaming is less expensive now for those who prefer single player campaigns. So they will rise in popularity.

Online games with Passes will now only be popular in the first few months, then dramatically drop off as the initial buyers lose interest since the majority of used gamers won't pay $10 for each and every game - only the super popular ones.

BoneIdle2656d ago

But if developers keep loosing money on single player games sold as used games because they don't have a online pass they will start to make mainly online games.

This trend has started already look at all the major online games they have little or no single player campaign thats worth talking about bar a hand full of games.

Homefront being 4.5 hours for example, what good is that game to someone without internet.

LNDCalling2656d ago

NO... the demand for online content already did that!!..

PSN Pass won't effect it... hopefully.. *crosses fingers*

BTW.. I am actually in favour of the PSN Pass (well its intent in rewarding developers and additional cost of upkeep of online content) though I'm not sure this is the best way to go about it...

And as an oldschool SP gamer .. I very much hope that doesn't go completly down the swanee either! :/

IaussieGamer2656d ago

Um no it will not kill the single player experience its only for the online side of games.

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