Torrente 3 contains some filthy mini-game action (18+)

Games Radar have found the filthiest mini-games in Torrente 3:

"There's a good reason that you didn't notice the PS2 release of Torrente 3: The Protector earlier this year - it's a steaming pile of dog dump. However, after a catalogue of bizarre circumstances led us to play the game recently, we discovered that it has some of the filthiest mini-games ever to soil gaming's undergarments. We're talking about a turbulent tricolour of toilet-based trials - defecation, urination and, yes, masturbation."

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Capt CHAOS4092d ago

atleast he's kinda making love and not war. But the other mini games, of pissing and sh1tting.. Sorry, this game is pathetic and the designers need to get a life. It just gets worse and worse..

Ok, nothing on yet.. If I was a reviewer, I'd give it a score of 1.0 only because my boss forced me to review it.