Report – Microsoft to launch Xbox Music this autumn

Microsoft’s to launch something called Xbox Music this autumn, according to a BusinessInsider report.

The news came out of a Microsoft partners event that took place earlier today.

CEO Steve Ballmer said that the service – which we assume will probably replace Zune – would contain 11 million songs, and that it will have Kinect support via voice recognition.

Zune Music Marketplace was introduced last year for 360.

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fluffydelusions2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

Don't they already have zune music. New name?

Gray-Fox-Type02658d ago

So MS always announcing new features for Xbox ...Sony is has a long over due worthy update, No new features no nothing. Simple features like deleting 0% trophy games on your list ( which Xbox has ) , cross game chat , global invite sytem perhaps even sleeker and optimised XMB. Alot of stuff is needed...

Sony you make PSN Pass crap


blumatt2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

Qriocity, Cloud saving, and Automatic Downloading all say hi, buddy. Sony does add features. All the time. And, about the PSN Pass "crap", don't you believe for a second that MS won't do that eventually with its published games. All game companies are doing it. It's an attempt to curb used game sales and renting of games.

If more people would buy NEW games, these extra fees wouldn't be implemented. The PSN Pass, EA Pass are just the beginning. I'm sure all major game publishers will eventually do it. The idea is that if you buy a used game for $55 at Gamestop (etc.) and then you have to pay 10 more dollars to play online, you'd have been better off buying the game new in the first place.

This does look like a good feature though for MS users. You just can't beat this generation of consoles. More and more new features being added all the time to a console you potentially bought 4-5 years ago. This generation has been pretty good to us. No more static consoles where you get what you got at launch.

Hopefully the songs bought on this service will be able to be synced to your Zune or other MP3 players.

linko18-19902657d ago

@ blumatt wait wat Zune? whats a Zune? lol everyone has an ipod.

darthv722658d ago

only way to get music on the 360 was to import it from another source like a cd. If they actually have a store to purchase songs from like zune music on the pc would be nice.

Those songs could then be used to listen to in the background while playing games. Custom soundtracks. Streaming this and that just doesnt cut it. I want to buy songs to transfer to my zune using the 360 as well as the pc. Like itunes but for the console.

rabidpancakeburglar2658d ago

I like how you don't have to read the article because it's all in the description.

just_sayin2658d ago

I like that ur pick is of dark king reyligh that guys awesome

lochdoun2658d ago

Guess they are phasing out the Zune brand name in it's entirety, they already phased out the Zune device so it makes sense.

darthv722658d ago

when did that happen? Regardless of what people think of the name or the company behind it, the zune is a great unit.

blumatt2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

Come on, man. lol The Zune isn't as good as the iPod. Apple's ecosystem of devices is so much more integrated. Now, if they make this new Xbox Music work with the Zune and you can buy music and then sync up your Zune to your music/media library, then that would be awesome!

darthv722658d ago

I am surprised they havent added music purchasing and video synching with the 360 and zune.

And just because it doesnt have an apple logo and a name like ipod doesnt mean it sucks. In fact there were many mp3 players prior to the ipod that were better than the ipod. What sold the ipod was the itunes and .99 music downloads in the time of napster and what not.

Before apple and itunes it was all about open sharing on the down low. It was like apple took the idea and just found a better way to sell it. Like has been proven before. It isnt always the best product that sells the most. It is the one that is marketed the best.

slate912657d ago

Yeah, they discontinued the zune.

manumit2658d ago

Thats great news. Because Zune Market Place sucks. well here in Australia it sucks.