Metroid 25th Anniversary to See Metroid Remix Album

Nintendo may have forgotten the fact that Metroid is also 25 years old this year, it would appear the fans haven’t. As such, the group ShineSparkers are creating what sounds like an incredible Metroid remix album.

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gumgum992659d ago

Oh really?, lol awesome! I always liked the Metroid series even though I don't follow it as adamantly as other fans of the series. That's pretty cool though. I kinda wished Nintendo was more mindful of this.

CrescentFang2658d ago

Good to see some Metroid fans celebrating with style :3

fossilfern2658d ago

Awww No 25th for Zelda now nothing for Metroid :( come on Nintendo!

jacksonmichael2658d ago

There is a fair amount of Zelda this year, though. There is nothing for Metroid (that I know of).

PygmelionHunter2658d ago

I am happy enough with having the Prime trilogy but i admit that Samus' birthday is not even close to Mario's...

Venox20082658d ago

I want new metroids for 3DS and Wii U ... and Metroid Prime trilogy for 3ds!!!! :)