Steam Summer Camp Sale: What did you buy?

"The Steam Summer Camp Sale has unfortunately come to an end, but us at FTG are always interested in our community, so what did you buy?"- PureDarkness

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Fir3truck2660d ago

I didn't get anything I know I'm lame

evrfighter2659d ago

splinter cell conviction, empire total war bundle, another battlefield bc2 collection, alpha protocol, singularity,

cost me about $30-35

fluffydelusions2660d ago

Nothing because my computer sucks for playing games.

TheStonedSheep2660d ago

Nothing because I had no Internet!

InstantKarma2660d ago

You all seem like the wrong people to be commenting on this article :P :P I bought everything...

Pandamobile2660d ago

Bought Killing Floor for a couple of my friends, Borderlands Complete for my friend's birthday.

I bought the Quake Pack, Dead Space 2, Frozen Synapse, Sanctum, BIT.TRIP RUNNER.

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