New Marvel Vs Capcom 3 DLC needed to compete with Mortal Kombat

Product-Reviews writes: Marvel Vs Capcom 3 was very popular around the time of it’s release, but things have definitely died down since then and we’re interested to know how many of you still play the game now ahead of Mortal Kombat which is arguably the better game. What characters or add-on content would you like to see added to the game?

It’s pretty disappointing that the only downloadable characters for the game so far have been Jill Valentine and Shuma Gorath. Capcom could have made things much more exciting for owners if they had gone down the route of releasing one new character per month for example – but it hasn’t happened.

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NovusTerminus2656d ago

Judging from Capcom's methods, it is just going to be a stand alone disk. Like Dead Rising: Off The Record, Super Street Fighter 4.

danswayuk2656d ago

The reason Mortal Kombat is way better

crimsonfox2656d ago

i havent played such a fun fighting game in a while
MK= the shit
M VS C= shit

MrSpace2656d ago

I think that's what everyone is thinking. Even if their was DLC they would just wait for the real version to come out, let's face it MVC3 was bare with content, I think "Super" MVC3 will have loads more characters, modes and other content.

tr00p3r2656d ago

Terrible decision by Capcom.. they need to support the game more by adding reasonable priced DLC like NetherRealm Studios are doing with MK, rather than putting new content on a disc a la Street Fighter IV.

Daylight robbery.

maniacmayhem2656d ago

another reason a lot of fighter moved on is regardless of how Capcom wanted it noob friendly it isnt.

One mistake in that game can cost you a character. Two mistakes and the game is over. Not to mention everyone who plays uses the team of Wolverine, Akuma and ______. That is all you need to beat anyone in that game.

dericb112656d ago

Yep. Its kind of sad they promised to balance the game but we ended up have to run certain teams for certain combos.

The most annoying thing to me in the game is invincibly doing hypers. C.Viper can go passed damn near any move if she does hers. WTF. Game should have been the fighter of the year but they rushed it out. While MK is so polished and put together.

maniacmayhem2656d ago

I understand that the MvC series is all about craziness and wacky times but I'm with you on why they let some things go.

For example Trons flame assis is invincible. Why? Why does that stop damn near every move?

And yes the game promotes only certain character teams to get the "no brake" combos.

Peaceful_Jelly2656d ago

Wolverine x Akuma, best friends forever.

KillerPwned2656d ago

Its a fun game but it really needs some strong fair priced DLC.... I cant see that happening i wish i could say different.

KingItachi2656d ago

It does not really need DLC, the way thing are now local tournies MK hardly get entrants, I know MLG picked up MK but we will see if the tourney scene supports MK, after EVO there is a reason why MVC 2 lasted 10 years.

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