MonsterVine Preview: A Colorful Story and World With El Shaddai

MonsterVine: "We took a quick look at El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron to get a grasp on its story, and interesting art direction before its July 26 release."

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Xof2657d ago

Looks to be a decent game.

Not necessarily a great game, but a decent one nonetheless. So I plan on buying it.

Of course, I'll wait. I have a feeling this'll be a $20 bargain bin game in a month or two after release--just like Nier.

MonsterVine2657d ago

It definitely looks like its going to be a sleeper hit. It may rise above your expectations, I don't guarantee that but the pedigree working on this game "should" shine through in El Shaddai.

Sadly, I wish the $20 bargain analogy did not become true and this game lives off the cult following it deserves.

Xof2656d ago

I somewhat doubt that. I think the Nier analogy was a pretty good one--it's a brilliant game, but a few glaring flaws keep it from being "great."

El Shaddai evokes that same feel to me.

Of course, it could end up being just absolutely awful. Time will tell.