PS3 80GB outselling 40GB SKU at Amazon

Sony Corp.'s 80GB Playstation 3 is outselling the new 40GB SKU in the latest retail data at

On Mon., the 80GB PS3 SKU ranked at No. 24 in sales compared to the 40GB product at No. 34 in the Video Games division.

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skagrerrrr4027d ago

the 80GB Ps3 Sku is a better deal if you need BC & other features

kornbeaner4026d ago

who is that chick on your avatar she looks dope!!

skagrerrrr4026d ago

she's an animated gif. pm me your email addy & i'll send you a copy. ;o)

Real gamer 4 life4027d ago

look like the 80gb ps3 has more of a impact then the 40gb ps3 and its amazing price point.

jiggyjay4027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

I dont' even know why people are buying PS3 right now! With all the price cuts that's been going on and all the big titles being delayed by this time next year PS3 is going to be $99. I'll wait till then to buy a PS3 and the big games will be out too!

Edit- Price drops that never happen eh? Hmm wasn't Sony saying that they are not going to drop the prices of the PS3 just 3 months ago? Then the last 3 months they've had two price drop(60GB drop and 80gb)two different SKUs introduced (80gb/40gb)... Seriously the way its going and how HD DVD is dropping its prices your going to see another price drop for the PS3!! Mark my words!.. We all know that Sony's agenda is to win the format war and who can blame them. I mean the movie industry is 10x larger than the gaming industry! I'm not hating on Sony for that! What I am hating on is how Sony used gamers to win the format war! I predict that's going to backfire on them so bad that they are going to end up selling their gaming division just like they did a month ago with some other components in their company. Actually its already backfiring... You just can't fight two wars fronts.. That's what brought Hitler down!

Real gamer 4 life4027d ago

Well the ps3 is at a good price point right now. 400 bucks for a 40gig aint bad at all. as for as game go is has a pretty solid line up. uncharted haze time crisis and UT3 are all great games being release this year.

IdontTakeSides4027d ago

Well lets see...if you mean big games getting delayed what MGS..? one month won't kill us...

with games like


that's enough to buy a PS3...not to mention that Multi plat games are starting to shine o the PS3..!!

Neurotoxin4027d ago

$99...... What planet are you on.

ruibing4027d ago

So the new FUD tactic is to stop potential buyers by babbling about price drops that won't ever happen.

Chaos Striker4026d ago

didn't the US fight a 2 front war and win? hmmmm...

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PS3 Limps on and on4027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

Amazon doesn't mean anything. Both those sku's are amazingly outselling the XBOX 360 on amazon.

80GB #23
40GB #33

Elite # 50

see, it doesn't mean anything compared to real sales.

Devr4027d ago

It's probably because the 80gig has BC. The 40gig is still a great deal for those who don't care about BC. Both are outselling every 360 SKU, btw.

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The story is too old to be commented.