Final: Zack and Wiki a sleeper hit for Wii

Capcom Co.'s Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure for Nintendo Co.'s Wii is an innovative title that defines a new genre of motion-sensitive puzzle action. The brain-teasing levels and likeable characters relay a fun experience for all ages.

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Maestro4052d ago

This game, without hype, resulted to be a critically acclaimed must-have.

cooke154052d ago

why didn't capcom advertise this game at all :| its like they deliberately don't want the game to sell :( Everyone should own this game. Its great!!

BrotherNick4052d ago

You know what, my cousin thought it was a stupid game till he seen what you actually do...he started telling me what to do. :P I got mad at him and told him to create his own game.

Rooftrellen4052d ago

Not advertising it may have been a smart move. After all, it takes money to advertise a game, and this one is getting around very well by word of mouth, alone.

Of course, that's in hindsight...Capcom couldn't have known this was going to happen before the game came out.

PS360WII4052d ago

It really is a fun game and can get pretty challenging. Thanks for another great game Capcom.

CadDad4052d ago

And my wife and I took turns on levels with our kids (9 and 3). We all gave advice and such on what to do next and when the puzzles were solved the kids eyes and faces lit up.

The puzzles so far have been pretty easy for the wife and I, but we always wait a bit to see if our kids can figure them out first, making it a much more enjoyable experience for them.

It's pretty fun. :)


BrotherNick4052d ago

I wish there were more titles like this, I have 13 pieces right now. Thanks Capcom :)

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