GamerGaia Review: Dungeon Siege III

Dungeon crawlers are a rare breed. Often times storyline takes a back seat to action and loot hoarding. The Dungeon Siege series has always held true to this tradition, but the latest entry in the series is looking to break the mold. Obsidian entertainment is no stranger to creating engaging dungeon crawlers and tense action games. The team behind Neverwinter Nights and Fallout: New Vegas is attempting to inject an engaging story into a genre that can typically do without while providing players with an action packed, loot-filled dungeon crawling experience with Dungeon Siege III.

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pungello882708d ago

I am so behind on gaming right now, still need to get around to this. Glad it seems like it was solid.

jmobley2708d ago

totally, want to play it couch co-op

Cwalk8162708d ago

I love this types of games, the only think that I didn't like about this game was those damned spiders in the forest. I felt like harry potter.

DanielComfort2708d ago

I rather enjoyed DS2, so I may grab this at some point, myself.

TheFodi2708d ago

I was looking forward to this game so much, but now that I've read more about it I'm less interested in playing. It seemed like there was going to be more to DS3.

GetoverHere1222708d ago

I heard this game was a major flop for the franchise, review made it sound good. Does not compute..

DangerousDanMcGrew2708d ago

Ah young Jedi, perhaps the masses didn't quite click on to its brilliance.

jmobley2708d ago

just cause it's not hardcore like the others

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