Five Franchises that Need to Take a Break Before Burning Out

GPT: "A bad habit of game designers and publishers since almost the beginning of gaming is to constantly re-release or release sequels to games on an almost yearly basis. Not only does this lead to low expectation, but also to a stagnation of game design and standards. Here are five series I think should take a break and slow things down to deliver ..."

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TheDareDevil2748d ago

Totally agree with "every EA sports title". You need to stop, EA. A new game every year with a few (minor) graphical tweaks and transfer updates for 60$. I'd very much prefer DLC and a new game every 2 years or maybe when you actually need it.

gumgum992748d ago

"if Sega took their time and lovingly crafted a sequel to Sonic not just for diehard fans but also for those who enjoyed Sonic in the past."

I love how this article completely ignores Sonic Colors and Generations when it comes to Sonic "burning out".

There are many more type of games out there that are more guilty than Sonic, and if you wanna pick on that series, than you mine as well pick on Mario, Pac-man, Pokemon, and every spinoff of those games too.

just_sayin2748d ago

The author also put Kingdom Hearts in honorable mention. They don't need to stop KH just all these side stories` PLEASE JUST MAKE KH3 BEFORE PS4/720 is released

MaxXAttaxX2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

Colors was good. Generations isn't out, so we don't know yet.

SE needs to stop messing around. They release multiple KH side games on handhelds. Where's KH3?
They're being very quick on releasing FFXIII-2 that no one asked for, but Versus is still in the shadows. No release date on that either.

TenkoTAiLS2748d ago

Yea, I totally disagree with #5. Maybe a couple years ago, but not now. Sonic Colours was a good step in the right direction, just because it wasn't on a HD console doesn't mean it should be ignored. Sonic 4, while is was a rehash and had poor physics, the complaints have been heard and will be addressed in the next episode, and those complaints have been heard and worked on ala Classic Sonic in the new anniversary game. Which brings me to Sonic Generations, which looks awesome and the demo was great even for an early version. They are finally listening and getting back on track, to stop now would be foolish.

lizard812882748d ago

Agreed with that list.

Sonic could go on break for a couple of years.

Halo could also use some fine tuning, it also has a few spin off games too. some fans are getting annoyed

Call of Duty, Act is going to milk that until the tits of the cow can produce no more milk. lets be honest, most people probably play it for the online anyways. so why improve on single player?

The, the gameplay isn't too deep. just make the sims 2 pets, but in the 3rd series, (sims 3: pets) and we are good to go.

EA started to make Madden '12, even though they went on strike, so even if football went away, they would still make their shitty sports games.

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