Web Browsers On Consoles, Useful Or Useless?

Geek Revolt writes "The PS3, Wii, 3DS, Wii U, and PS Vita all have web browsers. The only current console that doesn’t have one is the Xbox 360. Microsoft must know something we don’t—after all if anyone could deliver a “decent” browser it’s them, right? Well, Internet Explorer isn’t too amazing, but I digress, are web browsers on consoles useful or just useless?"

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rabidpancakeburglar2657d ago

I'd say usefulless.

On a serious note, I think that web browsers on consoles are very useful if you don't own a laptop as they mean that if you are lazy then you don't have to go to your computer. Although the standard isn't very good currently.

FEARprototype2657d ago

some people cant afford computer or laptops, some people have to share the internet so they may have 1 available wire, some people are to lazy, some people dont have enough power plugs to plug everything.

limewax2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

I think its a good idea, I like the PS3 browser but my main problem is, I hate that you can't use the browser while running a game, if in the next gen we have ram to spare in the OS dedicated ram, then being able to keep a guide open in the background while playing a game could be possible. I think it would then become a massively popular feature

JoGam2657d ago

I think its very useful just like its useful on cellphones. You never know when you need to find something on the net. I have a desktop and laptop PC and still find the browser on my PS3 useful.

CarlosX3602657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

I say useful. I own a MW3 website and I see a LOT of users using the PS3 browser to check up on news about MW3. Other companies should really understand that there IS a market for browsers on consoles.

Sony was right on the money putting a browser in PS3.

FamilyGuy2657d ago

I'd rather have it a not use it (or barely use it), than not have the option at all. If phones from 2000 had web browsers I see absolutely no reason why any internet connected console or handheld shouldn't have one, regardless of quality.

There's some money related reason why M$ didn't add one to their console and won't be adding one to their next and that's the bottom line to that. Any excuse they make is just pr bull.

The PS3 web browser is far from useless, but I guess it depends on what sites you like. For example, I've been using for years to download television and movies directly to the PS3 from its web browser and there are many other sites that work like this as well.

KMCROC2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

Did they not mention bringing nternet Explorer 9 & Bing to Xbox360 dashboard this fall .

kreate2657d ago

the web browser kinda sucks.

but its good for streaming free movies and anime. or video clips in general.

like u can u go to certain anime sites and u can stream it via the ps3 and watch it on ur screen. instead of trying to view it on ur small laptop screen.
of course u can also hook up the laptop to the screen as well. but what if u dont hav a laptop.

N4g_null2657d ago

Best console setup is the wii so far. Wii mote and USB wireless keyboard. Hey you can even play games on it via the browser and opera rocks. Wiiu is going to be the ultimate.

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Fishy Fingers2657d ago

Useful if it's all you have, useless if you have a PC (or mobile, or basically any other form of connecting).

If they could get a browser that even rivals mobile phones then we might be talking, but going on the PS3 browser, pretty poor.

femshep2657d ago

useless just like facebook and twitter being on consoles

consoles are suppose to be for games but leave it to greedy companies to lose sight of there fans and the meaning of GAMING

Fishy Fingers2657d ago

If you still think consoles are nothing but game machines you need to have a rethink, they're closed structure PCs.

femshep2657d ago

structure but there still for gaming

hence why i have a computer so i can go online check email and news as well as play the occasional game

not to mention the web browser on the ps3 is extreamly slow and never gets updated

JoGam2657d ago

@ femshep...The PS3 may have a slow browser but its still convenient to use if needed. Maybe not for every website but for some.

N4g_null2657d ago

Fishy if that's how you feel then you are getting robbed no open office support no Photoshop, u can even write or creat your own content and we are talking about power pc tech like the 2001 macs nooooooooooooooooooo lol.

T3MPL3TON 2657d ago

@Femshep, so are you telling me, it's not a good idea for a company to provide it's customers with free addons? You don't have to use the browser but if you want to it's there, the same for facebook and twitter. Them adding apps is staying with the curve and actually just a tiny bit ahead of it. Everything has a built in web browser now. Not to mention the people who work on those applications don't work on games anyway.. so it's not taking any potential away from game development.

killerhog2657d ago


That's true when im using my pcs processing power for stuff, I use my ps3 web browser might not be the best option but it gets the job done when my pc is running programs and using it's recordable DVD and cd drive.

Samus HD2657d ago

femshep you are absolutely right . - ignore the disagrees :D

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madpuppy2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

they're only useful if you console has a browser, if it doesn't, you will think it is not. :P

(frankly, I have hardly ever used the web browser on the PS3, but, it is nice to have the option.)

coolasj2657d ago

The year I didn't own a PC my PS3 was my de-facto web browser. It saved my butt alot of times. Alas, the experience is bare minimum but, it's not hurting anybody by being bad.

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