2 Million Players Signed Up for Call of Duty Elite Beta (Not All Invited On Day 1)

Net Media Now - "Dan Amrich has just shared with us via twitter that 2 million gamers have regtered for the Call of Duty Elite Beta, but not all of them are going to be invited right off the bat."

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xtremexx4105d ago

wow, didnt expect that, especially after all the commotion

Criminal4105d ago

About 30 million COD heads are out there.

4105d ago
Kee4105d ago (Edited 4105d ago )

So you could conclude that only 6% of CoD players are idiots...

EDIT: Okay well, if they all pay the subscription they are.

I will not pay to play a game that practically already is pay to play. I hate that about it and they're kinda pushing it with their money-grabbing schemes.

And no, playing cod does not make you an idiot. It makes you someone who likes cod.

RedDead4105d ago

Kee...well they aren't paying for the beta are they? Not idiots for Beta. Idiots for playing Cod however.

Js2Kings4105d ago

Why are you guys surprised? I think it's just that the beta is free. I could be wrong but if they'd paid to get in a beta that they have to wait to get into, those are some sad people.

Mustang300C20124105d ago


Yes because all places at N4G you show us how smart you are.

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Raven_Nomad4105d ago

All the "commotion" as it were, was just people here. They read "COD Subscription" and flipped out. Now that we know it's optional and most of what's included the true COD fans are actually rather excited about it all.

Blaze9294105d ago

I wonder how many of those 2 million know this isn't an actual game. "OMG CoD Elite and MW3 in the same year!? Sweet!"

killerhog4105d ago

Maybe there's a small web based cod game for it that only members can play?

WANNAGETHIGH4105d ago (Edited 4105d ago )

I wonder if some COD troll will kill him self bcuz people did not listen to him on blog site saying not to play COD again.

N4G Is not the world of gaming so all u COD trolls who cry on N4G all day thinking ur making ur voice heard should just STFU..A few thousands of people who visit this website dose not compare to over 30million COD fans who r still addiced to the game online E.G. ME -_-

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xtremegamerage4105d ago

To all those who signed up.

You sad MOFO'S.

femshep4105d ago

2 million players are not real gamers

news4geeks4105d ago

and I suppose playing Battlefield makes you a real gamer...

WANNAGETHIGH4105d ago (Edited 4105d ago )

@femshep U r a hypocrite..I wonder how someone elese playing a games they like affects ur life..And what the F dose a real gamer mean. So if i play a game i like but some random trolls on a website dose not like that makes me a fake gamer. All u COD trolls need to slaped with a very strong shoe.

antz11044105d ago

Lol, ok, we get that you don't like CoD. Fine, thats your thing.

Some ppl like playing CoD, like myself. Thats my thing.

You've made several "CoD sucks" comments here along with several others that have made no sense on the site. I gotta say, the day I consider you more of a real gamer over me is the day I pull my lower lip over my head, swallow, and wink out of existence.

Thank you for the good laugh though:D

killerhog4105d ago

Awe I'm not a real gamer *sad face*. if activision irons out the bugs and faults with previous cod games I'll buy it. I played cod waw and Bo with my ex and enjoyed it. It's a solid shooter and fun if not plagued with annoying issues

omi25p4105d ago

How did you gain a bubble?

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slate914105d ago

Wow imagine that. N4G isn't the world after all.

Ser4105d ago (Edited 4105d ago )

Who said it was?

Edit: To all of the people that signed up, good for you guys. I wonder how many will actually use the paid version.

NanoSoldier4105d ago

I've played every CoD Game. First two on PC and the rest on Xbox. Can't wait for MW3. I don't care what the haters say.

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