Gamer Euphoria: Ten Bargain Bin Games to Keep You Busy This Summer

''The English summer is a strange beast, at times the sun can be shining and it seems like the perfect time to hit the park in your finest shorts only to find that within a blink of an eye the rain is pounding down like a angry flock of apes. This list will serve as a survival guide for anyone craving something to play during the wet days…and the best bit is all of the games on this list are under £15!''

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DevilishSix2656d ago

Vanquish and Bayonetta are both excellent games that I purchased full price and don't regret it.

Most recently I have been playing Splatterhouse and really enjoying it. It has some long load times and trial and error gameplay, but the core combat is entertaining and I really like the art work. The graphics aren't the greatest but the cel shaded like look is pretty cool. Also, for those that like the Johnson torch sidekick banter in Shadows of the Damned may like to know that Rick and the Terror Mask banter in Splatterhouse is cool as well.

So, I recommend Splatterhouse and Vanquish as bargin bin titles for this summer.

GamerEuphoria2656d ago

We looked at Splatter House and Bayonetta however Splatter house we didnt have much time with and Bayonetta we felt that most people would of already bought we didnt want too many titles from same studios on the list. But hopefully people have checked your comment and took both titles into consideration