Top 5 Reasons Microsoft Needs to Release the Next Xbox in 2012

PlanetXbox360: "All sorts of rumors have been flying around the web over the past couple of weeks hinting that a successor to the Xbox 360 isn't far away. While we here at PlanetXbox360 are with the majority of gamers in feeling that the current tech is just fine for another couple of years, there are a number of realities that make a good case for Microsoft to launch the 720 as early as next year. Believe us, we're right there with you, shelling out another $400+ to play the latest and greatest isn't the most favorable option - heck, we'll have to change the name of our site! - but the reality is that it's in Microsoft's best interest to move forward with their next console.

Why is it so imperative that the next Xbox launch in 2012? Well, there are five glaring truths that can't be ignored."

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BigWillys2747d ago

No, 2013 will be the year for a new Xbox.

NanoSoldier2747d ago

2013/2014 would be perfect. But in 2012 nothing will happen for sure. I count on 2014.

frankymv2747d ago


Halo 4 will be a launch title for the 720 and also playable on the 360.

ConanOBrien2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

New Xbox (8) may (or may not) have:

4x2 42nm CPU Cores
8 Gig Unified RAM
8x8 GPU Cores, 8x8x8 Shaders DX11/12 comp.
Cloud storage support
Built-in motion and facial sensors


frankymv2747d ago

No it wont. 2012 will be the year.

This is accepted industry wide. Do a little research.

BigWillys2747d ago

To the folks who disagree with me, Halo 4. MS flagship title comes out fall 2012 for the 360. Why would they come out with a new system then? I did my research. Inside sources point to a 2013 release of a new xbox.

Godmars2902747d ago

Given that Halo 4 has directly been announced for the 360 - or such is strongly assumed since if it were a Next Box launch title the game would have been announced with console its launching with - it would be a relatively stupid thing to then turn around and announce the game for another console?

alexcosborn2747d ago

It wouldn't surprise me if they announced Halo 4 solely to mask the fact that they have so few exclusives. That way they get people excited in 2011 and then blow them away in 2012 when they announce that it's coming to the next platform.

JeffGUNZ2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

Or perhaps they will release it for the 360 and the nexbox? I still see them supporting the 360 for years to come after the next gen. console is released.

I see it being launched with the nexbox. That title alone will draw masses to their new console.

LaurenKB1232747d ago

2012 sounds great to me, or at least announced at E3...

UltimaEnder2747d ago

Will they beat Sony out of the gate?

fluffydelusions2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

I don't really care because Sony has all the studios which gives PS users more exclusives. Even if they put out a new console first it sure won't be like last time where they got a year head start. Sony won't let that happen again.

Anon19742747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

And, do they want to? Timing is crucial. When the 360 came out, the PS2 was old hat and the PS3 was still over a year off worldwide. The timing will make the difference between a 360 and an original Xbox. The original Xbox was by far the superior console to the PS2, but the PS2 was entrenched, had all the games everyone wanted, was "good enough" and had a sweet price point with plenty of years left when the Xbox launched. And the Xbox paid for it.

If Microsoft launches too soon, they'll face the same problem. The PS3 is at a good price point and is rumored to be receiving a price drop soon and here's the kicker. The games still look outstanding. When the 360 launched, PS2 games were showing their age. The same isn't happening here. PS3 games are impressive enough to turn heads for the foreseeable future. New Xbox hardware might graphically be superior, but even with PC's now, we're not seeing differences with PC and PS3 like we were with PS2 and 360. To most people it'll be like 720p versus 1080p - your average user won't be able to tell the difference, and sure as hell isn't going to pay $500-600 for a new Xbox when a PS3 is still going strong at potentially $200, delivering the games and switching people over to Blu-Ray still.

Microsoft might instead try to go the cheaper route and make another Wii. Shane Kim when he was still with Microsoft let it slip the next Xbox might be a cheaper, digital distribution hub aimed more at casuals. Certainly that plays into the 360's two biggest, money making points for Microsoft, Kinect and XBL fees. It would make complete business sense for them to just put out a cheap platform, geared towards casuals with an emphasis on regular user fees. Sucks for core gamers - great for Microsoft. Don't get me wrong, Microsoft won't abandon the core, but I wouldn't be surprised if they're focus is on casuals next gen with all they've learned from this gen.

Seraphemz2747d ago

I can stand "Top #" or "# of reasons why this game will fail/win" "# of things this needs..."

Who says that this is the TOP 5? was there a vote?

alexcosborn2747d ago

You did see that this was labeled an opinion piece... right? These are our own personal top 5

2v12747d ago

funny how people tink opinion piece as fact.well this n4g after all every thing goes!

Urrakia342747d ago

So then why don't they just add that into the title? "Our/My top 5 reasons.....etc." So much simpler and acknowledges that it's the writer's opinion.

Seraphemz2747d ago

ok. So if these are your Top 5...where are bottom five? or what was number 6 - whatever number of reasons you had? Or was this just a list of 5 things you guys came up with.

im just saying, these "TOP X reason" dont have any basis.

Like Urrakia34 said, it would be better titled "OUR TOP 5...".

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