GRTV: Wipeout 2048 interview

GRTV caught up with game director Stuart Tilley from Sony's Liverpool Studios to talk about the upcoming PS Vita launch title - Wipeout 2048. The video also contains some footage of the cross platform play with Wipeout HD on PS3.

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MasterCornholio2745d ago

Love the AR. Sony truly is providing a next gen experience with their hand-held (for portables)

jujubee882745d ago

Beat the PS3 player. Gotta love that the game is so balanced both ways.

Hopefully there is a little cheap flash light accessory that can be bought for the Ps Vita for playing AR games in darker environments.

Not sure if I will buy Wipeout because Modnation just looks so tempting but, I will weigh my options about which PS Vita titles I get in the first few weeks. :)