Why third-party games will struggle on Nintendo's Wii U (Bitmob)

The Wii U may be able to handle current-gen ports, but will anyone actually care?

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choadley2708d ago

I agree. Even with people who buy more than one console I can't see many choosing the Wii U version of Call of Duty or Tekken when both have established player bases elsewhere.

Fishy Fingers2707d ago

Surely that depends on the originality (through the pad or whatever) the Wii U can offer said franchises. Let's not forget, it might also end up looking and running better on the Wii U.

TBM2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

Personally when it comes to the 3rd party games i'll still be purchasing them on either the PS3 or 360 even if the game(s) look, and run slightly better on the wii.

I say this because majority of my friends have either a PS3 or 360, and very few will bother picking up a Nintendo console especially if the game(s) have a multiplayer online component.

I'll pick the new wii about a year after it releases since we all know how long it takes them to release their own exclusives. I'm really only a Mario, and Zelda fan when it comes to Nintendo's franchises the others don't interest me as much.


PS360 FTW....WII/WII2 Sucks (-_-)

Fishy Fingers2707d ago

If course it does, this is N4G.

jessupj2707d ago

Lets not forget all the trophies and achievements so many players have invested in. Anyone that likes their trophies/gamerscore is not going to buy multiplatform games on the wii U.

Getowned2707d ago

well i don't know about you but trophies and achievements are not why i play games..I might buy a few multiplaform games on the Wii U and i'm sure nintendo will have something like that maybe "Stamps" like on wii sports but even tho they don't have a trophies system they always have had them in the games them selfs.

jessupj2706d ago

I know some people don't care, but quite a few do care about those virtual rewards and imo nindento has effectly lost all those pontential sales.

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Titanz2708d ago

The Wii proves how much Nintendo software can dominate the gaming market.

Weather third party titles will sell on the console or not, is completely up to the developers(and how innovative they can be with the Wii U controller).

bojanson2708d ago

I think these controllers are getting way too big and bulky, whatever happened to the good old grey original nintendo controller? Add a few more buttons along the side and its good to go.

Active Reload2708d ago

I don't know and I can't speak for everyone, like these types of articles try to do. But what I do know is, me personally, I intend to get one. Any new franchise that comes out, I'll pick it up for the Wii U and also pick up any games I've missed that might actually be ported over onto the Wii U, especially if they have a significantly cheap price tag or some great deal of a package.

AWBrawler2708d ago

Can we atleast save the gloom and doom articles until post launch

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The story is too old to be commented.