Naughty Dog: 'Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Numbers Will Kill Us'

NowGamer: Uncharted 3 won't get anything like the amount of online players as Modern Warfare 3 admits Naughty Dog's Robert Cogburn.

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Wizziokid2708d ago

sad but true, even though U3 mp is probably better

ksense2708d ago

"You can play multiple play styles, and we have these massive set pieces that you can’t get anywhere else. No other multiplayer title lets you jump from truck to truck while attacking a flying airplane."

The stuff they are doing in this game is really cool and prolly keep me playing longer than like say call of duty which I love for the first 3 or 4 months and then I just get bored and stop playing. I am personally more interested in coop but loving this beta in all game types.

humbleopinion2707d ago

"No other multiplayer title lets you jump from truck to truck while attacking a flying airplane."

Maybe not, but Halo 3 lets me jump from Elephant to Elephant while attacking a flying Banshee ;)

RedDevils2707d ago

Unfortunately NanoSoldier you're a fanboy 9 years old COD Fanboy!

StarWolf2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

Yea its fun and all but after the 20th time, you just want to get the actual map and not deal with the moving trucks. I think the MP is fun but unless they got like 14 maps, i hate dynamic type MP maps after a while. They get tedious.

I still will never buy MW3 though LOL. BF3...maybe for PC? I think ill pass this one, I overplayed BC2 .

thematrix12982707d ago

I played the U3 beta but it's really bad you have to empty the whole clip to kill one guy even when he is few feet away.

WhittO2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

I'm actually slightly disappointed in U3 multiplayer!
The menu interface is a bit "blah" and boring and not very intuitive to use.
Then there is the thing of too many options for things, like needing medals or something for special power up in game, then there is another special power up you buy each game one time only?
Then there is customisation that you have to get money to pay for the add-ons and customisation, then there is general XP you get to level up.

It just feels a little OTT and un-organised, it's 1 of the problems I have with COD, you can't just jump in and have some quick fun because all your weapons etc are sh*t because you need to spend time upgrading and customising your load outs etc.

They also seem to have ruined all of the weapons from the U2 lol, the AK-47 is useless, all the guns feel the same - with some very under-powered with some very over-powered!

Gameplay is good though and maps load REALLY fast! I like the new 3 team DM too, prob what I like best about the new MP! It has been stable for me too.

It IS only a beta though so I'm not judging yet and I'm still buying it day 1 for the SP campaign anyway.
I bought U2 for the SP campaign and the multiplayer was a bonus, which turned out to be really addicting and great!

I just preferred the simplicity of U2, but I suppose I can still go and play U2 online too, it's not like they have taken the servers down or something lol, so I actually think it's good they didn't pull a COD and just give U2 online a 1.5 patch lol.

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NanoSoldier2708d ago ShowReplies(8)
subtenko2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

Obviously, Naughty Dog are real developers and they will not lie and be biased. Does this mean MW3 is a the better game tho? NOPE! two different games. They have guns in common..

on another note, Uncharted3 Beta had 1+million players the 1st or second day (I think the sony blog said 2nd day). and the numbers have been increasing, so Uncharted3 will still be a MEGA success in popularity and will get attention from people. (unless some people live under a rock, ie. those guys in that geico commercial)

Washington-Capitals2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

Yeah it was 1 million unique users logged in to play. Pretty good for a beta.

The game should see a lot of people playing compared to other games that are not named battlefield or call of duty. Just as a comparisons sake, blackops hit over 14 million unique users last months (includes people who make new accounts)

BeOneWithTheGun2708d ago

That guy under the rock (who speaks) is Chum Lee from Pawn Stars. Funny, he calls out to Rick, too.

NeoBasch2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

Don't care which is better. I'm buying Uncharted for the singleplayer (and possibly co-op). I probably won't play either's multiplayer as I will probably move on to Assassin's Creed: Revelations or something. Too many games to play to care about MP.

Anon19742707d ago

You and me both. It's one of the finest, single player campaigns going. Although it's nice that multiplayer is there - personally I'm just not interested. I didn't play it on Uncharted 2 (just replayed the campaign 3 times), I'm not playing the beta now and I probably won't take U3 online when it hits later this year.

mantisimo2707d ago

@ darkride.
Yes the SP is superb but sink enough time into the MP and you'll never look back, its like crack, once you get it, it gets VERY addictive.

Redempteur2707d ago

For me the true fun was co-op in uncharted was somewhat lacking in the first attempt ( only 3 maps ) hopefully , ND will correct this mistake and bring longuer and more diverse maps

zeddy2707d ago

not interested in uncharted multiplayer at all but if i had to choose between uncharted 3 single player and mw3 i'd go for uncharted everytime. i'd even prefer they ditch multiplayer totally and add another 5 hours or so of single player.

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TrevorPhillips2708d ago

I love Uncharted 3 Multiplayer, something different :)

chidori6662708d ago

"something different

errr... rip-off Gears cover *cough* ...

ASTAROTH2708d ago

Ohh yeah because Gears invented cover... 0_0

TekoIie2708d ago

gears only made the 3rd person genre a "bigger deal" this generation, they never invented the whole "cover system" mechanic...

shayol33t2708d ago

Is there anyone else who wants a new down-bubble option added "100% wrong information" or "spreading lies"?

Ryo-Hazuki2708d ago

Killswitch invented that kind of cover system and let me know when you can jump and climb in gears mp

MOTY2708d ago

@ infamousXX87XX

"let me know when you can jump and climb in gears mp"

This a is pretty stupid comment. I can come back and say, let me know when you can use execution moves and chainsaws in Uncharted's mp.

See how pretty stupid of an argument that is. Both games offer what is best suited for that type of game.

And since when is "jump" and "climb" big features to brag about? Seriously "jump" and "climb"? LOL give me a break. That comment make you look like you are desperate and backed into a corner and didn't know what to say.

evrfighter2708d ago

"Killswitch invented that kind of cover system "

winback says hi

Why o why2708d ago

Ok moty so cover is great and being able to climb is meh, got it.

Being able to climb brings a more varied appoach to the gameplay. Gears is on a 2d plane and it works well for it. Uncharted is on a 3d plane and that works well for it too. In terms of a cover system gears wasnt the first but it was the first this gen that i can remember so some will wrongly label it as the inventor. Gamers who are old enough or just less ignorant know this.

Both games have their individual feels and thats what counts. They can live in unison

Legion2708d ago

@ infamousXX87XX

Winback had it before Killzone and Splinter Cell did it prior and better then Killzone too.

People talk of Winback and Killzone... and I never cared for eithers cover system in the game. Killzone had it's primary game focus as being the cover system and both Epic and Naughty dog give inspiration kudos for the game design mechanic. Fanboys on both sides will keep spouting off who was ripping off who.

I still find the cover system in Rainbow 6 to be the better cover systems for me. Going from a 1st person to a 3rd person view to see your character as they take cover was a step above all this 3rd person shooting crap we see these days. Give me FPS games and the 3rd person games can stand in line waiting for me to get to them after I play a more enjoyable game experience for me.

MOTY2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

@ Why o why

I don't get your point. Both Gears and Uncharted have cover. So why are you bringing in cover? I never said Gears was the first to bring in cover. I stated that comparing 1 games features that the other game doesn't have is a pointless argument because the other game may have features that the the other doesn't have.
like the example I gave, sure Uncharted you can jump and climb, but Gears allows you to use execution moves and chainsaws.

Now you tell me, which of the 2 games sounds more exciting to do while playing. Chainsawing a guy in half or ripping off his arm and beating him to death with it....or climbing a wall and jumping....I think the answer is pretty obvious.

At the end of your comment, you also basically just agreed with my comment. I really have no idea what point you were trying to make.

Please try and keep up. I know that sometimes these conversations can go to quickly for some of you.

Klaykid1232707d ago

GUYS! This guy speaks the truth! (/s)

FORGET the cutscenes, medal kickbacks, power plays, events going on realtime and level changes as you play, not to mention cool customization and emblems shown throughout the level...

they STOLE the cover system! It isn't different at all!!!


topekomsi2707d ago

@ moty

Why even say something stupid?

Executions and chainsaws are NOT capable of enhancing environments, or making a game play more vertical.

The fact is gears games are kinda linear, actually if it got anymore linear, it would be on rails.

When executions and chainsaws can enhance the environment, then your argument would be relevant, but as it stands, not so much....

2707d ago
Why o why2707d ago

Keep up yeah.....oh a bit of unhumorous humour. You speak like what you say is facts. Would i rather do one of 3 pre canned 'chainsaw' finishers or aim a well timed jump to land behind somebody then do one of the 3 pre canned neck snapping finishers then climb to a ledge and pull the dude who was letting shots off over the edge...ITS OBVIOUS INIT. Anybody can project opinion as facts. so thats a fail. My whole point was that you were downplaying playing on a 3d plane which obviously gives you more options and gameplay mechanics. Not downplaying anything but finishers are just finshers and are more for affect and style over a game changing mechanic. Still good.

limewax2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

Just for anyone looking, Perfect Dark Zero was the game where Gears stole their cover system......Works two ways huh?

DeadlyFire2707d ago

Do I even play Gears? No. Do I care about this debate over where this concepted cover system was based on in development? No. It works. Its pretty good, but not perfect. I have noticed death in beta even while in cover. Magic bullets or something.

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THC CELL2708d ago

Well nd dont worrie you wont be killed by me I love the beta and u3 will be my number one game this year online, call od duty is dead deep down and plus u should not worry really. Call of duty is loved mostly by people who are just idiots who cant get kills on other games and likes to camp big time.

antz11042708d ago

First of all ppl can camp in any game, whether its UC3, BF3, of MW3.

Thats about the only thing that UC3 and MW3 have in common. These games are nothing alike and that extends to their multiplayer components. To say "only idiots that cant get kills play CoD" is just a really generic, unintelligent thing to say.

mastiffchild2708d ago

Yeah, he went too far and looks a little OTT as a result. Thing is, COD does appeal to eople because they CAN pick the game up and after a few hours, even having never played FPS before be holding their own or even doing well in a few matches[-it's pick up and play, as Halo started really, taken to a higher level and as suc it's, again like Halo, easy tobe OK at but vdery hard to excel purely because anyone with a modicum of skill can have a game where they can mess things up even for pros.

It's a falsel;y made and contrived playing field that does ske things to give new players and the less skilled the chance to feel they're not that bad, that they can mix with the big boys-really, as i'm shit at shooters it SHOULD be my dream game but after bit I feel patronised by it's hand holding and the fact it feels the exact same as it did last year-so I wonder why I've been cajoled into buying it again-it's fun but it's reached a point where I feel it thinks a lot of us are stupid and is catering to that rather than the gamer in al of us.

Conversely, my favourite FPS is TF2 and my favourite console MP title would be Warhawk and neither game can be saisd to be pick up and p[lay imn any way and as a self confessed FPS/shooter liability I had to REALLY work at these games just to be Ok from time to time bt the way UI enjoy that streep and unforgiving learning curve over a longer time than I can keepplaying COD sows that the pick up and play model doesn't work long term(I have NEVER stayed interested in ANY COD game to buy ONE map pack for example while I've bought lots of Halo packs, all the Warhawk expansions and updated everything i could going back to Counter Strike days on PC.

This COD being the game of the idiot ignores the way sme GREAT players like to tewst themselves in a different way and COD offers that by being a bit of a leveller for them-in games based more centrally on gaming skill and no assisted aim they know luck is taken out of it a lot more and maybe they get bored of the constant equality of that experience and like the risk of being upset by a relative noob kin COD-as a crap player IDK and can only guess!

Pint is any shooter can be for any gamer but Warhawk or, in this case, Uncharted won't attract the big, pick up and play crowd's simply because they're a bit harder to play right off the bat and don't hold newcomers hands as much either.

mrbattle4202707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

well liked the beta ,not bad at all but ps3 gamers will play more call of duty for sure and not support uncharted mp again

skyward2708d ago

I haven't enjoyed the beta as much as I thought I would, but I'm looking forward to having a go on the finished thing...

Roymunson2708d ago

Read it,they say because UC3 is only on 1 platform....runs n hides from the 360fanboy mods who mark posts as trolling if you dont support 360.

....Waits for anti-ps3 comments to get mass agree`s n 360 fanboys being in another ps3 article n not getting removed.

I also find it funny how this will get approved(along with all the other psn got hacked articles n sony is 3rd place/sales are bad articles) yet any article against the 360 gets FAILED.

maniacmayhem2708d ago

What in the hell are you talking about?

Solidus187-SCMilk2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

you will be marked as trolling by anyone who reads your comment not the mods.

Clearly you are a troll as you are the only one here who cant shut up about 360.

I will be getting this game specifically for the multiplayer, I love it.

Im even going to go eat at crappy subway in october so I can get early access to the multiplayer.

Edit- The fact is that the COD multiplayer numbers on PS3 alone will still decimate the Uncharted numbers. But who cares, I know that I will be enjoying the uncharted 3 multiplaer for hours and will not be buying COD. The only time Ill play COD is at my friends house since I know they will be buying the new COD every year.

Roymunson2708d ago

BS and you know it clearly being a 2bubble troll. How does someone with more agrees than disagrees get marked for trolling but the real trolls with 20-30 disagrees, not get marked for trolling n infact gain bubbles and dont even get me started on anti-ps3 articles , they will have 13 reports n 1 or 2 approvels yet magically it gets approved.

Just remember this for when im perma banned n the likes of LONER n WARPRINCESS are still around.

Morbius4202707d ago

bring your friend some jersey mike's subs and throw out that subway crap.

Peaceful_Jelly2708d ago

entire quote: "In terms of numbers of players, I have no doubt that Modern Warfare 3 is going to kill us. It is a ridiculously powerful franchise, you know, their sales are through the roof, they’re multiplatform, and to be honest, the industry needs games like that," he added.

antz11042708d ago

"Tommy, did you eat a lot of paint chips as a kid?"


Wow buddy. I had to read that twice to fully understand it, lol. There are clearly alot of fanboys here for both sides but I definately think this site is PS3 oriented.

NoobJobz2708d ago

Think you got it backwards.

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