Nintendo on Wrong Side of Portable History?

Nintendo (and Sony) face a threat to their portable gaming businesses in iOS and Android devices. Chris Ulm, Co-founder and CEO of Appy, thinks that it will be a very hard mountain for Nintendo to climb against multifunction devices. “I have enormous respect for Nintendo, but I think they might be on the wrong side of history,” said Ulm.

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theonlylolking2658d ago

Angry bids and hook champ VS zelda and kratos...yeah I think we all know who would win.

Xof2657d ago

...There's not really any competition.

It's sort of like arguing that Bejewled is taking away sales from Call of Duty.

charmer2657d ago

last i checked there would be no portable history without nintendo

Technical World2657d ago

oops it looks like the aritcle has 20 degrees. dumb hackers XD