Critical Gamer Interview: Cory Doctorow on the game industry

Critical Gamer writes: Cory Doctorow is a Canadian science fiction writer, journalist, blogger and co-editor of Boing Boing. He has been roaming around in the realm of Creative Commons for quite some time, theorizing on subjects such as the rise of e-books, copyright, and the restriction of protection of creative works. He himself has published many novels that are available online under a Creative Commons license, stating firmly that “not only does making my books available for free increase the number of sales that I get, but I also came to understand it artistically as a Science Fiction writer that if I was making work that wasn’t intended to be copied, then I was really making contemporary work”.

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Gamesauce2746d ago

Doctorow is brilliant. I love his talks on how EULAs are limiting user freedom on digital property. The guy knows how to tell a story, that's for sure :D