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New Gears of War screens!!!

The following images of Gears of War surfaced on the internet tonight, showing what seems to be both single player and multiplayer sessions. It looks awesome, and I think this is the first time the HUD is visible.

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Eternal E 8084481d ago

This game is gonna kick some a** Damn I accidently voted lame I meant to put cool.

Jay da 2KBalla4481d ago

Simply beautiful.

Resistance has nothin on this. Dont know what you sony fanboys been smokin.

Marty83704481d ago

UT2007 for PS3 & PC looks miles better.

Jay da 2KBalla4481d ago (Edited 4481d ago )

1. get some glasses.

2. ut2007 will be on 360 also.

TheMART4481d ago (Edited 4481d ago )

3. UT2007 doesn't look better, well only a Sony fanboy with it's Barbie Ken pink glasses on

4. This is a much fresher exclusive then UT and you know what, it'll crush anything on the PSZero this Christmas

Whow it even amazes me more when I see what Xboxyde writes:

"Update: 720p versions and extra images added. The images are obviously captured with an analog HD capture system, so the fine details are a bit lost."

It will even be more detailed, more sharp, more everything... Damn

Bill Nye4480d ago

"Update: 720p versions and extra images added. The images are obviously captured with an analog HD capture system, so the fine details are a bit lost."

(i.e., the screens don't look that great so let's blame it on the method of capture and forget that the 360 only has analog component cables so this is how it will look on all our HDTVs anyway.)

TheMART4480d ago

Don't make such stupid comments, there is a loss in quality when making photo's of a screen with some device.

Difference for 720p on component or HDMI is ZERO

No one can see the difference and you actually need to have a really large screen 42 inch PLUS to be able to see any difference at all IF you're able to see it then still.

So no, it won't look like this on 720p with component, it will be much, much better. Detail is lost in the way they took the screenies.

And now beat it Sony fanboy

Bill Nye4479d ago

Since when did 'analog HD capture system' become equivalent with taking a photo of a screen? And it is suggested that 'fine details' are lost, but you say that it will look 'much, much' better? How's that? I didn't know fine details (I assume you know the definition of 'fine') made that much of an impact.

Hah, and me a fanboy? Did I upset you? Because my remark would only upset fanboys. I guess you didn't notice but I make these remarks about all the consoles... because all you fanboys make equally stupid remarks.

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TheMART4481d ago (Edited 4481d ago )




I already was hyped for this game but know I am psyched out... This blows anything else out of the water this Christmas.

System seller!


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Eternal E 8084481d ago

the first post befor saying $hit

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The story is too old to be commented.