World of Warcraft: Six Years Late to the Party

Justin Belin writes, "I do not know what my bias was but I swore I would never play WoW, as it is both affectionately and derogatorily known. I told myself that I had enough vices in the world of electronic entertainment and I did not need to add to my life a game without end. Unlike the library of console games on my shelf, WoW is without a true endgame, there is no definable point where a concluding cinematic is viewed and the game can be put neatly back on the shelf with a sense of satisfactory closure. It is built upon a constantly updated world and a social community who are as much a part of the game experience as the dungeons and raid bosses. As such, I was afraid that my addictive personality would latch on and never let go. And so when five years ago a close community of my friends from college asked me to join and quest with them, I refused and went back to my studies and my console games."

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Kurylo3d2660d ago

this article actually makes me want to give this stupid game a try. And obviously I never ever planned to. :P

JonnyBigBoss2660d ago

I've never in my life put so many hours into one game. Not even close. This game is extremely good. I'm currently burned out, but I keep coming back every 6 months or so.

femshep2660d ago

really good read, still think wow is dumb, but that was defiantly a different look on it and some valid points (like the art and graphic design beating today's tech advances)

Jdub895O2660d ago

i remember my first time playing wow and i was stuck on the pc for 12 hours! That was 4 and a half years ago. I recently tried plaing again and was bored.

bwazy2660d ago

I'd play the original Guildwars over wow. Wow you get bored in abbbbbooooouuuuutttt 120 hours played. I played Guildwars for over 3000 hours and still LOVE it. Plus its F2P (once you buy the inexpensive game itself).

BlueEye2660d ago

I had a similar experience a few months ago, I had not touched the game or even considered it, but one day I visited my cousin who was playing, bored with nothing else to do I watched, after about 20 minutes my cousin asked me if I wanted to try, same reason as above, I made a Draenei Paladin and head in, 3 hours later I found myself completely stuck in the chair eyes glued to the screen. When I got home I bought the game made the same character and then in May I think I stopped in Outland with a LV60 something character.

Guess I just ran out of juice there. Its a good game but only if you are willing to dedicate yourself 99% to only this game, no other.

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