Shadowlocked - Will Battlefield 3 Be The Latest Title To Ignore Steam?

Shadowlocked - With its release believed to be just over three months away - and the World Wide Web now abuzz with updates - Battlefield 3 has become one of the most eagerly awaited releases of the year. Amidst the constant talk regarding the CoD franchise, the rebirth of Duke Nukem and the latest reincarnation of the Zelda series, Battlefield 3 has gone about its own business, releasing the odd teaser here and apparent 'leak' there but otherwise keeping itself to itself.

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Pro_TactX2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

If it is then it will also be the latest titles that I ignore. Steam is where I like to buy my games. I like having my games in one organized list. I like using Steam's in-game communication features, as well as community features. My friends are on Steam. Steam just works for me.

If EA chooses not to make the game available there then I will just not play it. I don't really want to bother with a physical disc, and I don't want another download service cluttering up my process list.

Fishy Fingers2746d ago

Your loss. I feel like you about Steam, but am I going to miss the biggest PC game of the year, nope.

You dont see Valve games on other services, so why demand to see EA or anyone else on Steam. Their game, their choice (just like Valves).

Pro_TactX2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

Or course it is their choice. Their game, their choice. I never stated otherwise. I am also not "demanding" that the game be released on Steam. I would love for you to point out where I did that.

I am simply expressing my intentions. I will feel no loss by not playing Battlefield 3. I have plenty of games to play to occupy my time.

I am exercising my right to choose, just as EA is doing. After all it is my money. My money, my choice.

Edit: @ below

Demand (verb)

1: to ask or call for with authority : claim as due or just <demanded to see a lawyer>

2: to call for urgently, peremptorily, or insistently <demanded that the rioters disperse>

3a : to ask authoritatively or earnestly to be informed of <demand the reason for the dismissal>

3b : to require to come : summon

4: to call for as useful or necessary <etiquette demands a handwritten thank-you>

I am not calling for with authority. I do not claim that releasing the game on Steam is due or just.

I am not calling for the game to be released on Steam with any degree of insistence or urgency.

In short, I am not demanding that the game be released on Steam. I am simply stating that I will not bother buying it anywhere else.

Fishy Fingers2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

My comment is a generalisation, not 100% specific to what you wrote. Many people are saying they will not buy it unless on Steam, yourself included, such actions could be seen as 'demanding' Steam support in return for their purchase.

If I use words in my comment, not found in yours, that isnt me putting words in your mouth or anything.

Edit: Thank you, I understand what 'demand' means (hence, why I used it). Did you bother to read my comment, you seem to have a fasination with one word of it. Like I said, a generalisation, not just 100% specific, or directed solely at you. Dear god.

Motion2746d ago

Whats with the author of the article always using the word "too" instead of "to"?

hiredhelp2746d ago

I prefer physicle discs, because with soo many games on market there always games that basicly rubbish you regret buying.
With download you cant send back or sell it on.
Im in uk i have found i get nothing but bad lag on steam. Not sure why i have cable 50mb downstream with 1.5mb upstream.
So for me i buy physicle disc play threw ea or whoever the games hosted servers are too.

JsonHenry2746d ago

If I can't get my digital copy through Steam then I will just buy a physical copy.

StitchJones2746d ago

Why they are not saying in the article is that they are going to use Origin as the digital delivery system. What EA needs to embrace is that they will not see much success with trying to do this. STEAM is the clear winner. Direct2Drive is bearly surviving and 30% of the games D2D sells you need Steam to install and run. The recent pulling of Crysis2 from Steam because of EA's need to push Origin is a greedy move that will not pay off for them.