LA Noire actor keen on LA Noire movie

Hot on the heels of a Rockstar Films trademark filed by Take Two Interactive, LA Noire actor Adam Harrington has told that he'd love to bring the character of Roy Earle (partner to Cole Phelps) to life in movies.

"I certainly think LA Noire would work as a film adaptation, and of course, I would love to bring Earle to that environment too," said Harrington. "I think it would make a great film, and I think Roy Earle is such a well-conceived character, he already seems like he was something that was taken from a film anyway. So I would love to see him brought to life in a film and I would love to play his role."

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Wizziokid2657d ago

aslong as they make it more exciting than the game, I still haven't completed it yet since it got rather boring

GoldenGamer2657d ago

The last quarter drags on I thought, I wasn't really happy with the ending either.

MrSpace2657d ago

Yeah me aswell, I think I;m half way through but the city is just so lifeless, that's what makes it boring.

assassin2972657d ago

He wants to make a film based on a game which is basically already based on another film called L.A. Confidential? Pretty much all the major characters in the game were copied from that movie and given new names.

Vortex3D2657d ago

You are right. LA Noire being a game is unique. LA Noire made in a movie is just another 1940 detective movie that has been done to death mostly in the past. And compared to LA Condidential, LA Noire isn't as good.

That's the problem with Hollywood. They only see potential of another easy cashcow based on popular game title.

LarVanian2657d ago

If anybody wants an LA Noire type film, my best suggestions would be Chinatown and LA Confidential.

SuperbVillain2657d ago

Not everything needs a movie.