Is the Free to Play Model the Future of Online Gaming?

TGE says,
In the past several weeks, we have seen a cavalcade of games release as Free-to-Play titles, or move from a traditional pay model in favor of a F2P model. This transition has been speculated for some time; debated on shows like the Bonus Round on, and discussed fervently on podcasts around the web. It would seem as though developers, both big and small, are realizing a great deal of potential in creating a low cost of entry (read: no cost of entry), for their games.

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bojanson2655d ago

I think this is their way of making money back from game rentals and pirating. Download the game for free, but pay up after the 1st level. You see it all the time with iphone games.

ATiElite2655d ago

Ummm that's a big yes!

Your still gonna have AAA titles that require a subscription and those will still be the best but when a Publisher like EA can make a crappy f2p game like Battlefieldp4f and use that cash to finance a real quality project like Mirror's Edge 2 then it's OK.

and yes BFP4F is crappy slash OK. Way too much lag, bad hit detection and weapons power rating seem to change every minute.

MasterCornholio2655d ago

I dont really like the model but many titles are taking this route.