F1 2011 hands-on: F1 2010 was effectively a ‘test bed’

DGP: "Surprisingly, Jeal and Hood are quite prepared to admit that F1 2010 was effectively a ‘test bed’ for their ever-improving interpretation of the motorsport. It was fresh technology, they were working to tight deadlines and had none of the feedback that comes with having two million copies in gamers’ hands. There was always going to be room for improvement."

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ANIALATOR1362654d ago

that's not nice for the people who bought 2010 to hear

iamgoatman2654d ago

I think it was pretty obvious from the get go that F1 2010 was a half finished product they had little intention of supporting properly. Which is why I won't be buying F1 2011 close to release, going to wait until the first patches roll out, hopefully this time they won't break anything in the process.

And YAY NO MORE PISS FILTER! Sounds like the Codemasters employees have actually stepped outside and realised the world isn't bathed in a grungy orange hue constantly.

MGRogue20172654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

... That's good to know, I guess. >_>

gcolley2654d ago

they just lost a customer

solidmic2653d ago

70$ is a pretty hefty price for a "Test Bed" product! Funny how this was never mentioned in any of their "Dev Diaries" I guess that's why they barely supported the game after it's release.

Wonder what they will say regarding F1 2011, when it's time to hype F1 2012!?!

It's this bullsh*t attitude, greed and lack of ethics that is killing the gaming market. Not the used game market, like the devs and publishers are trying to make you believe!